A number of Huawei’s new products are to be released, and Hongmeng Eco’s autumn new products are officially announced

Previously, Huawei officially announced that it will bring the Huawei Pocket S and full-scene new product launches on November 2. Before this event, Huawei will also bring new releases of other new products.

It is reported that Huawei Mall confirmed that it will bring Hongmeng Eco’s autumn new product release at 19:00 on October 31.

Huawei has not officially announced the specific details of this launch event, but based on the theme of the launch event, this launch should be a product of the Hongmeng Ecological Series. That is to say, everyone is expected to see some smart home products in this release.

However, more attention from the outside world is still focused on the Huawei Pocket S new product launch event next week. And as the new product launch event approaches, there are more news showing the details of this new product.

It is reported that although the new Huawei Pocket S still adopts a flip-up clamshell design, it seems that it will bring some new solutions in color matching.

Combined with the current breaking information, Huawei Pocket S seems to adopt the design of glass material and plain leather material, and it is still equipped with a Vientiane double-ring design with two circular areas, providing green, yellow, blue, pink, purple, etc. Available in color options.

As far as the overall design style and color scheme are concerned, the new Huawei Pocket S seems to be a younger product with a more stylish appearance.

In terms of specific specifications, the new Huawei Pocket S runs the latest HarmonyOS 3.0 and supports Huawei Image XMAGE. In terms of core specifications, it may bring different configuration versions, one of which is expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 778G processor, and the overall positioning price is slightly lower.

In addition, in addition to the new Huawei Pocket S, the latest official warm-up also announced a number of other new products. Huawei WatchGT Cyber, Huawei MateStation X, Huawei Smart Screen V, etc. are expected to be unveiled at the launch event.

However, there is no definite news about more product details for the time being, and the actual situation still needs to be understood in the release event. As far as the current news is concerned, which new product are you more interested in?