A new lineup came out in the Beimu Peak Tournament, Luna and Xiao Ming, the fatal crash and the bomb change perfectly won

A new lineup came out in the Beimu Peak Tournament, Luna and Xiao Ming, the fatal crash and the bomb change perfectly won

Recently, Beimu’s peak competition was in good shape, and they won the top three in one go. In addition, Beimu also tried Xiaoming Luna’s combination. I thought it was a fat beating game, but Beimu’s Luna matched Ming Shiyin It produced a surprising effect, even if the jungler on the opposite side was a deadly reload from the top anchor, it could not prevent the tragedy of Crystal being pushed flat for ten minutes. Next, let’s review the wonderful operations of Luna and Xiaoming in Beimu in this game!

In the beginning, Xiaoming followed Luna to the wild, but Xiaoming made a mistake and accidentally ate Beimu’s red. Xiaoming quickly began to apologize when he saw this, while Beimu said generously that it had nothing to do with it. Afterwards, Bei Mu wanted to try to enter the blue zone of a deadly reloading, but the reloading turned blue, but there was no response, and then Luna grabbed it directly and took away the head of the old master.

After taking down the head of the old master, Beimu took down the bottom road crab again, and then instructed his teammates to prepare to enter the blue area for reloading. Seeing that Beimu entered his wild area, he immediately decided to give up the blue buff after reloading. Then Beimu Yixing seized the opportunity, framed the enemy cadre, and cooperated with his teammates to kill him. Seeing that there was one less person on the opposite side, Beimu decided to enter the red zone for another wave of bomb changes. However, this wave of reloading has been squatting in the buff grass, and finally came out to collect the red buff.

For four minutes, Beimu stared again at the blue zone where the bullets were changed. He first cooperated with Yixing to take away the opposite assistant Da Qiao, and then used his big move to deceive the old master. At this time, Xiao Ming had turned into a little fanboy, and he was complimenting Beimu throughout the operation. excellent. Due to the opponent’s assistant and side lane dropping points, he couldn’t even take a look at his own blue zone when changing bombs, and then Beimu took Xiao Ming to continue to control the red zone.

In five minutes, Beimu Middle Road seized the enemy’s Da Qiao’s mistake and cooperated with his teammates to take him away. At this time, Beimu’s record has reached 7-0, which can be said to be a great start. It took seven minutes to change the bomb and Da Qiao went on the road to lead the line. As a result, he was controlled by the second skill of Beimu who came, and he failed to get on the elevator back to the city. Da Qiao was sent out again. On the other side, Beimu’s teammate Bai Qi was set on fire and sent the team’s first head. After that, he changed the bomb and rushed to the bottom road to enter the field to harvest, and it would be difficult for him to protect himself after receiving the residual blood star.

After this wave of team battles, Beimu entered Dashunfeng, and he could kill wildly. Then Beimu took Ming Shiyin into the local highlands in succession, ignoring the defense tower and starting to kill. The time came to 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Beimu’s record was already 15-2, and the economic difference was more than 10,000. It can be said that it was unilaterally crushed. In the end, Beimu led a wave of teammates to push down the crystal. Won the game in ten minutes.

It can be seen that this game is purely relying on Beimu to fly, and one person forcibly beats the rhythm of changing bullets. I don’t know if everyone thinks Xiaoming and Luna are strong? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!