A must-have for brides and makeup artists | I have been asked about 800 times of bridal styling skills, and I won’t be considered a loser!

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Recently, many sisters have come to the backstage to leave messages and inquire about “bridal styling training” .

Because I have tried makeup several times, it has not been settled in the end ; sometimes customers have turned over the circle of friends, asked the price, and there is no following

If you just repeat the same bridal look , it is really easy to be eliminated by the times and passed by the bride!

Sweet and age-reducing white gauze shape

As a bride and makeup artist, do you really want to break through and improve your professional skills ? Is it because you want to study but have been unable to find time, or there is no suitable study school in the local area, and the study plan has not been put on the agenda ?

If you also want to study bridal styling and achieve self-breakthrough , but do not have time to study in offline schools, then “Mao Geping Online School” is really suitable for you!

Long press and scan the code to learn the “Bride Special” course

The “Bridal Special” course has a lot of dry goods , including 20 courses of “Classic Bridal Makeup” and 10 courses of “Fashionable Bridal Makeup”, for a total of 30 courses .

The course is broken down one by one from the part to the whole, helping the makeup artist to form a sense of overall styling style; according to the temperament and characteristics of the guests, customize the makeup and styling , and improve the professionalism of the makeup artist in a short period of time !

“Bride Special” course content

The teacher will take you to learn the key points and makeup skills of different styles of bridal styles , how to quickly change makeup styles and pay attention to details.

The overall makeup is not natural and clear enough, the details of the eyebrows and eyes are not delicate enough, the hairstyle is not smart and creative enough, and the Chinese style is not good enough, you can find the answers here !

Retro luxury evening look

Our courses can be replayed repeatedly , and you can use your spare time to study in fragments . Learning often, ensuring that the technology keeps pace with the times, and constantly innovating , form your own unique style, which is more likely to be loved by guests!

I hope makeup artists can learn practical bridal styling skills here ~

Chinese bridal look

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