A list of four major events for the seventh anniversary of the glory of the king, in addition to free skins, there are hidden rewards

Hello everyone, it has been more than seven years since the public beta of Glory of Kings, and it is now the seventh anniversary of the game. I believe everyone is very familiar with this game. We all know that the official will launch a lot of welfare activities on the anniversary every year. What activities will the official launch on the 29th, when the seventh anniversary opens? Let’s take a look together.

The first is the limited skin Guiguzi’s harvest year for the seventh anniversary. You only need to accumulate 200 stars to get it, and the way to get stars is to do tasks, and on the 29th, you can get 130 as long as you log in, so I believe that many friends have also received it, and we can also spend 88 skin fragments to exchange in the fragment store. If you don’t want to do quests, and it’s not like a flower skin fragment, then we can ask friends who already have this skin to gift it to us.

Second, the sharing event will get the 7th anniversary epic skin lucky treasure chest. This task only needs to be obtained after logging in on the 29th, and the sharing event can be obtained. However, it should be noted that the treasure chest is divided into two red and blue, and the skins inside are also different. If you don’t want any of the skins, you can also choose 3 bonus points to win the treasure, and maybe you can even get Glory Crystals.

Third, the mystery shop is open again. This time also joined Hou Yi’s golden Sagittarius and Sun Shangxiang’s lover of time for the first time. At the same time, there are Diao Chan’s FMVP skin Cat Shadow Fantasy Dance, Sun Ce’s Cat and Dog Diary, Zhuge Liang’s Golden Ratio, Gongsun Li’s Infinite Star Appreciation Officer and so on. After the Mystery Store opens, players can only buy eight of them. How much discount do you guys get?

Fourth, the legendary limited skin of Mai Shiranui is on the shelves. This is also the third legendary limited skin of SNK heroes after Nakolulu’s Qianchen Mirror and Tachibana Ukyo’s Maple Frost. This skin is very good-looking, and the special effects are also very cool. The first week discount is 1380 points. At the same time, Mai Shiranui’s Fei Yuexing also has her own exclusive personality and expression, so don’t miss it if you like it.

In addition to the four activities introduced above, there is actually a hidden task, there is a chance to get QB and figures, as well as surrounding dolls and other awards. Path: Click on the little Daji in the lower right corner of the game hall – after entering the smart assistant interface, click on the summon Daji in the lower left corner – then we can see the cake Die Die Le, click in, participate in the answer, and finally get a lottery Chances, what rewards you can get in the end depends on your luck.

The above is what the game owner introduced to you. Some of the activities of the 7th anniversary of the Glory of Kings were launched. By the way, friends, what skins are available in your epic skin packs? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!