A dream in the rivers and lakes: When your own goose and gossip meet AI… Shao Xia: Run! High energy ahead!

Hi~ As a professional Yunmeng, he is naturally not looking at handsome guys and beautiful girls, or looking at handsome boys and girls, or just eating melons and making a living! What black-skinned handsome men and exotic beauties can’t be left behind! However… the brain holes of our young heroes are still as “stimulating” as always! It can always bring a lot of happy sand sculptures to the onlookers! So, this is not a young hero, thinking about making ai come to have a happy dream~ It’s just the style of painting… It seems to be a little crooked! (Inspiration source Weibo @What do you say louder can’t hear you)

The handsome black-skinned guy above is someone who can’t say OK after reading it! (Suddenly got the beauty of black-skinned eggplant…) Bohemian eyes + tattoos, and slightly shiny skin…. If you see it in the game, you have to let me Yelling, I’m going to speed up your level! And the following AI output map is not too much~ This tattoo + muscle, I think it will work! And the setting of the little curly hair is also very nice… It can only be said that the aesthetics of our dream players have always been okay! Such a handsome picture, I can Modo Modo!

But… This dream seems to have forgotten the funny physique that comes with our Yideng players! Everything × Yideng players, there will always be some different sparks~ For example, the above – although they are both black skins Handsome guy, but this output drawing style is starting to feel wrong ahhh! Hey, is that you, Master of Exploding Clothes! It can’t be said that it is exactly the same, it can only be said that it is irrelevant!

Of course, this is not the most outrageous! I just want to say! Young hero, it turns out… I met you after rebirth. Alias, Reborn Me is the history of the Jianghu exploration of jeans. (The young hero who laughed to death is not responsible for it~)

Our screw classmates from the non-human group are also doing their part! Hmm…comfort yourself, it’s actually normal in terms of color blocks! You say yes, Lolita-student screw!

And…I really don’t want to laugh! but! It’s really not my fault! However, I have to say that although the first glance is very strange, but after a few more glances, you will find that – hey, there are some similarities in the same purpose~ Whether it is color matching or bangs… um, Daming It’s not impossible to change your life~

Um! This one is also a heavy hit! Regardless of whether it is a brother or a sister, they are still very good~ However, AI creation is ever-changing, and when you meet Mengmeng, this idea is also opened! Moreover, when Ben Meng invited his own Jieyi Huazi to join the battlefield, the scene was even more chaotic for a time~ I would say that Huazi’s big move screenshot, did the hair dryer really come out! Then, if the young heroes in front of the screen are interested, you can leave a message in the comment area to discuss!