A Dijiang: Zhejiang team’s offensive defense has brought us great difficulties

  Beijing time on October 20th, in the fifth round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Zhejiang team defeated the Xinjiang team 107-93. After the game, Xinjiang team coach A Dijiang said that the Zhejiang team’s aggressive defense brought great difficulties to the Xinjiang team, and this game is very valuable for training.

  ”Zhejiang is such a team that plays very hard, is very active, and has its own style and characteristics, but we have no tacit understanding when we play together.” A Dijiang concluded the game and said, “Today obviously their team This kind of aggressive close defense has brought us great difficulties. At the same time, we encountered a lot of injuries at the guard position today. Indeed, under the premise of such pressure, it is difficult for us to match some players at the guard position. A normal lineup. At the same time, Zhu Xuhang actually insisted on injury today, because we couldn’t play the other one in this position.”

  ”Today, I consciously asked Abudu to do physical fitness. He just came back. I don’t think it’s easy to recover from the injury in the past 20 days, but we need to play a game of Zhejiang intensity. Our team has an adaptation and summary. How to play at our own pace in this situation. Obviously, the opponent’s 12 turnovers and our 24 turnovers are a good contrast. The opponent’s offense and defense are very balanced, with small fluctuations, and the probability of winning is high. Today’s The game is very valuable for us, and congratulations to the Zhejiang team for winning this ball.”

  Zhejiang team player Zhu Xuhang also said: “The Zhejiang team handled the ball more reasonably than us in the stalemate stage. They knew how to share the ball at that time. Our team has been improving and looking forward to the next game against them.”

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