A Dijiang: Xinjiang team is not at this level and entered a low ebb due to injuries

  Beijing time on October 29th news, in the eighth round of the CBA regular season, the Xinjiang team lost 81-100 to the Guangdong team. The Xinjiang team’s record came to 4 wins and 4 losses, ranking 12th.

  After the game, Xinjiang team head coach Ah Dijiang admitted frankly that the team did not play at the true level, and the impact of injuries entered a low ebb.

  A Dijiang focused on the injury issue when summing up the game, “This is the game we have played the most since the start of the game, especially on the offensive end. Of course, we have encountered some problems recently, players in some positions. We failed to stay healthy, and some people were still struggling. From the time period between player status and some injuries, it affected our basic style of play. I can also understand that, after all, injuries need to be recovered. It will take nearly a month to find the state. Recently, in certain positions, we have three or four injured people, and even four injured players in a game, and some players are also clenching their teeth, so during this time It is difficult for us, but some teenagers should also exercise themselves during this time period, such as Yili Fulati and Fan Huiliu, they are always carrying it during this time. For us, we have indeed entered. Low tide.”

  However, Adijiang is still full of confidence in the future of the Xinjiang team, “This stage will soon pass, there is still the last game left in the first stage, we will use the time before the second stage to recover from the injury, and then pass the A summary of the first stage, to understand the connection between foreign aid and domestic players, and to formulate technical tactics more reasonably. We are still full of hope and confidence, our team is not at this level, not this ability, we are determined to get better .” Ah Di Jiang said.

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