A Dijiang: The Xinjiang team is seriously injured and no opponent will give it for nothing

  Beijing time on October 26th, in the seventh round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Xinjiang team defeated the Tianjin team 103-91.

  In this campaign, Xinjiang team captain Abdu Salamu was absent again. Head coach A Dijiang said after the game that the team is currently seriously injured. After seven rounds, Yu Dehao missed two games, Abdu Salamu missed four games, Tang Caiyu and Arslan have not been able to come back so far.

  ”In these few games, the injuries in the team were very serious, including Qi Lin and Yu Dehao. In addition, Abdu Salamu had a great physical reaction after the preparations and was unable to participate in the competition, but everyone wanted to persevere.” Ah Dijiang said. .

  ”At this time, young players such as Yili Fulati dare to stand up and take responsibility when the team encounters difficulties. The opponent will not give in vain in any game. Today everyone fought their own and won in the end. We hope the injured Get well soon and we will definitely get back to our normal staffing structure.”

  Yili Fulati also said: “As Director A told us, young players must defend well on the field and actively fight for it. This is what young players must do. I am very grateful to the coach for giving young players a chance. I hope the team To stay out of injury, everything is going well.”

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