A Dijiang summarizes the reasons for the loss: many mistakes and injuries lead to difficult rotations

  On October 23, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the CBA regular season, Xinjiang lost 92-105 to Shandong and suffered a two-game losing streak. After the game, Xinjiang coach A Dijiang attended the post-match press conference and summed up the reasons for the loss.

  A Dijiang said: “Since the beginning of the season, we have indeed played some good balls, but there are also some problems that have not been solved well. For example, the problem of turnovers, another one, with the game, we have some injuries, but they have increased. There are some new injuries. So in some positions, especially in the guard position, there are very serious rotation difficulties. Some players are too young, so some games seem to be chaotic and unorganized.”

  Xinjiang achieved 3 wins and 3 losses in the first six rounds of the new season, temporarily ranking tenth in the league standings.

  (Xu Chu)

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