A constellation that is easy to reunite with the ex after breaking up? The lotus root is broken and sticky


Pisces is a typical sign of the brain in love. They are very concerned about their feelings and are very persistent. Even if they are hurt by the other party, as long as the other party says good things and coaxes them, they can easily forgive the other party and get back together. Only when you open will you give up. Coupled with the simple and careless character of Pisces, they can easily believe what the other party says. If the other party says: I am wrong, I will treat you well, they will foolishly believe it again, and then rekindle their old relationship with their ex without hesitation.


Although Cancer is more cautious about feelings and is not a love brain, they are very nostalgic. No matter how badly they were hurt at the time, they will remember the good memories in the end, and they will continue to beautify their memories. When seeking reconciliation, they are willing to get back together with each other. In addition, Cancer people lack a sense of security and are sensitive in their hearts, so many times the breakup may be caused by misunderstanding and lack of communication. After the misunderstanding is cleared up and the communication is good, it is normal to get back together with the ex.


Scorpio people are more “actful” when they are in a relationship, and they are very suspicious. When they don’t know the other party’s whereabouts or there is a change in the other party’s whereabouts, they will doubt whether the other party has done something sorry for them. From time to time, they like to check the other party’s Mobile phones, so falling in love with them, quarreling is common, breaking up is also common, and it is not uncommon to get back together with your ex after breaking up. Even the breakup and reunion are often proposed by Scorpio himself. When the original feelings are exhausted, they will never communicate with each other again.


Aries is a zodiac sign with a very hot temper. They come and go straight and forth, and their tempers come and go quickly, so they break up quickly and get back together quickly. They may break up after quarreling an hour ago, and get back together an hour later, just like It’s like punching a card. But if Aries really doesn’t love anymore, instead of impulsively breaking up, then they may really break up in the end, and they will not take the initiative to get back together with their ex, and the ex will not agree to seek a reunion.


Leo people are strong and unyielding, the stronger the other party is, the less they will bow their heads, but if the other party shows weakness and pretends to be pitiful, then the lions will become very tolerant and agree to everything, so when the lions break up with their partners, If the other party shows weakness and seeks reconciliation, then they may agree. When a Leo is in a relationship, they still dote on their partner and are willing to spend money on the other half, but they are stubborn and unwilling to bow their heads. They need someone to give them a step down. After a step down, they will get tired of you again.