A complete guide to buying wipers for family cars! Expensive is not necessarily good, suitable is more important

Replacing wipers  vs.  changing strips

Issues in this issue:

1. What kind of car is suitable for replacing the original wiper?

2. If the original car is a boneless wiper, is it enough to just change the rubber strip?

3. If only the rubber strip is changed, how should the ordinary rubber rubber strip and the coated silicone rubber strip be selected?

1. What kind of car is suitable for replacing the original wiper?

As long as the original factory is not a car with boneless wipers, I recommend that the original factory wipers be replaced directly with boneless wipers after the original wipers are not clean. The reason is very simple. I made it very clear in the program “Wiper Structural Analysis and Test”. Bone wipers are structurally more advantageous.

Because when the boneless wiper wipes on the glass, the entire side is in a sealed state, which ensures that all the water that is scraped will be pushed away. However, the bone wiper and the three-stage wiper are different. Their wiper side has a skeleton gap. Once the scraped rain exceeds the height of the rubber strip, it is prone to water leakage. Therefore, as long as the rain is a little bigger, there are Bone and three-section wipers will leak.

Secondly, the overall shape of the boneless wiper is more scientific than that of the bone wiper and the three-stage wiper, so its wind resistance coefficient is smaller, and it can provide faster wiping speed when the vehicle is running at high speed, ensuring the safety of high-speed driving in rainy days. I have also confirmed this in previous simulation tests, and the boneless wipers are about 1.5 seconds faster than the three-segment wipers dry 50 times, and about 2.5 seconds faster than the bone wipers.

The most important thing is that if we ordinary car owners change the rubber strips for bone wipers or three-stage wipers by ourselves, it is actually a bit troublesome, because we must first pull the rubber strips out from between the two steel strips, and then use pliers. Pull out the two steel strips and the old rubber strip together, and finally put the new rubber strip and the two steel strips together and insert them back into the card slot of the wiper. This process requires removing the wiper from the wiper arm to operate, so it is more convenient to replace it with a new boneless wiper.

The original factory of my car is a three-stage wiper. It has been used for about a year and a half, and the main driver has been wiped cleanly, so I plan to replace it with a boneless wiper. The process of changing the wiper I won’t go into details. The only thing to pay attention to is that you must prepare a thicker fiber towel under the wiper arm interface to prevent the wiper arm from shattering the windshield.

This time, I replaced the old domestic wiper with hidden wings. Because it has several patented silent designs, I was curious so I decided to give it a try. Moreover, this old wiper has accumulated a lot of wiper interface data, so basically all It is specially used for special vehicles, the mold opening accuracy is also high, and the materials are better. It fits tightly when installed, and it will not feel loose after being installed like the nine yuan and nine free shipping.

2. If the original car is a boneless wiper, is it enough to just change the rubber strip?

In fact, I have always recommended the use of boneless wipers in the previous shows, and then replace the rubber strips regularly. Several of my other cars do the same, but there will be a problem with this. The steel bar of the bone wiper will have a problem of metal fatigue, so I did a long-term test with a car that a friend bought for three years.

My friend thinks that the arc of the original wiper is the best, so his car has not changed the wiper for three years. When he first bought the car, I specially measured the end pressure value of the main driver’s boneless wiper to be 249.9 grams. , and now I use the same method to detect the pressure value at the same position is only 178.7 grams, the difference is quite large.

The reason for this situation is actually very easy to understand. The boneless wiper relies on the deformation of a steel strip with a radian in the middle to disperse the downforce of the wiper arm to the rubber strip. Then assume that the original boneless wiper steel strip is used. It is really the arc that is most in line with the original glass. After being pressed down by the wiper arm, it can completely and evenly distribute the pressure to every point of contact between the rubber strip and the glass. This is the most perfect state.

But at this time, the steel bars inside are also under pressure, so as time goes by, stress and deformation will occur, and the curvature of the original steel bars will become more and more flat, resulting in more and more pressure in the middle of the rubber bars. The larger the pressure, the less pressure on both sides.

Finally, the rubber strip in the middle will become curled when wiping, and the water will not be wiped clean, and water spots will be formed on the glass. I believe many brothers have encountered this situation, and it often first appears on the wiper . In the middle of the wiper, because the pressure on both sides of the wiper is reduced, the rubber strip will be too perpendicular to the surface of the glass, resulting in abnormal noise and beating of the wiper.

In addition, the wiper arm spring will also experience metal fatigue. As time goes on, the spring becomes looser and looser, and the pressure on the wiper arm becomes smaller and smaller. If you replace it with a new one with a larger and harder arc. Boneless wipers, then the rubber strip in the middle of the wiper will not touch the windshield. Of course, this situation will only occur on older cars. After all, the quality of the original wiper arm springs is generally better, and the speed of metal fatigue It is much slower than the speed of the wiper steel strip fatigue.

Therefore, even if the original factory is a boneless wiper, it has been used for more than three years. After the rubber strip is replaced, the scraping will still be unclean after a month or two. Then it is likely that the original steel strip is not good enough. It’s time to consider replacing the wipers themselves. My friend’s car is currently in this situation, and it doesn’t wipe cleanly, so he asked me to help him choose a pair of wipers to replace.

Here I just share a little experience of buying boneless wipers, that is, you can use a small electronic scale to weigh the pressure value of the wiper arm. Generally, the pressure value of new cars, especially German cars, will be greater than 1 kg, so we choose The arc is slightly larger, and the boneless wiper is harder, so that the pressure will be distributed more evenly, and the rubber strip will be more durable.

However, the pressure value of the wiper arm of the old car for more than ten years is often less than 1 kg, or even less than 800 grams. In this case, it is necessary to choose a boneless wiper with a relatively small arc to ensure that the wiper arm can fully press the wiper on the windshield. .

Of course, if you really don’t want to bother, you can also directly buy a domestic old-fashioned hidden wing wiper like me. It uses austenitic steel with double steel bars in the boneless wiper, which can adapt to wiper arms with different pressures of 600-1400 grams. , It covers a wide range of models and vehicle ages, so it is a very good replacement for the original wiper, and it also adds a special design to the rubber strip, which can better assist the work of the wiper strip.

3. If only the rubber strips are changed, how to choose ordinary rubber rubber strips and coated silicone rubber strips?

Many old brothers have asked me this question, so I brought back a sample of a silicone wiper strip from the wiper factory last time. The real silicone wiper strip is actually gray. It does not have a long-term coating effect, but has some coating. The ingredients are on the surface of this strip.

Therefore, when it is used for the first time, it can make the car owner feel like glass coating. Most of the so-called silicone coating strips on the market are basically the same, and the seller will claim that the silicone strip is not afraid of ultraviolet rays, so it will not age, and the use cycle will also be longer.

So since silicone wiper strips are so powerful, why do our original cars still use rubber strips? The reason is very simple. Ordinary silicone has too strict temperature requirements, and the coefficient of friction will be too large when it is cold, resulting in unclean glass scraping and serious frictional noise, so I went to the wiper factory to see ordinary silicone strips. And windshield wipers are all ready to be exported to tropical regions like Malaysia.

Of course, there are also expensive silicone-coated wipers that can be used in cold areas, but isn’t the reason why we only change the rubber strips to save money? If we just pursue the coating effect of glass, it is better to use glass coating agent directly. Better and cheaper than coated wipers.

So just looking at the material, natural rubber is definitely a more secure choice, but the more important factor is the design of the rubber strip. Now most of the wiper strips are basically designed in the horizontal direction. The most common one is three horizontal and one vertical. Design wind, when wiping, the three horizontal lines will squeeze each other to ensure that the attack angle of the contact between the rubber strip and the glass is within the range that can clean the glass, but with the passage of time and the increase of the number of uses, each There will be cracks between the horizontal bars, resulting in an increasing angle of attack and a curled area, so the glass will not be clean.

Therefore, two horizontal and one vertical rubber strips appeared later, and the middle horizontal will be thicker, so that the attack foot caused by the aging and cracking of the rubber strip can be reduced as much as possible, thereby prolonging the service life of the rubber strip. However, this will cause the rubber strip to turn too small when it is working, which will cause serious abnormal noise and noise of the wipers in cold weather, affecting the comfort of driving.

For example, another friend of mine has only bought a BMW for two years. During this period of time, the weather has cooled down and the abnormal noise of the wipers has occurred. I recommend him to replace the patented silent rubber strip of the hidden wing, because the rubber strip is on the basis of three horizontal and one vertical. The longitudinal reinforcing rib design is added to the top, which plays the role of supporting and buffering, which can ensure that the rubber strip can still maintain the correct angle of attack with the glass after long-term use.

And the arrangement density of these reinforcing ribs also takes into account the characteristics of the high middle and low sides of the boneless wiper, so a segmented pressure bearing design is made. Adhesive strips are more durable.

His BMW original Valeo wipers cost more than 250 yuan even if you buy them online, but it is very cheap to replace the rubber strips yourself. It’s still very, very cost-effective. After replacing the rubber strips, he said that it felt quieter than the new wipers, and the wipes were clean and very good.


If your car’s original factory is not a boneless wiper, then I suggest to replace it with a boneless wiper, which will have a better rainy driving experience.

If your car’s original factory has boneless wipers, then it is recommended to replace the wiper strip once a year, and replace the wiper itself every three years.

If you want to try this patented silent wiper or wiper strip from Hidden Wing, you can leave a message at any store that sells Hidden Wing wipers and tell the customer service that you are a fan of “Like Brother”, and you will get an exclusive discount~

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