A collection of unparalleled activities in the League of Legends mobile game, you can take a thousand dragon soul crystals

  The League of Legends mobile game Jay Chou co-branded skin has been launched, along with many welfare activities. Today, I will bring you event information to help you quickly get the event rewards you want.

  Jay’s challenge


  Activity introduction: Complete daily tasks to get music coins, consume music coins to play mini-games, and get rich rewards through mini-game challenges.

  Activity Raiders: The way to get music coins is very simple, log in and play a game every day and you will get two coins. Play “Hero” in a music mini-game. This comparison depends on the player’s reaction. The higher the mini-game score, the easier it is to obtain a milestone record. Then, through the accumulation of milestone album points, you can get Dragon Soul Crystal and Jay Chou’s voice, unlocking and passing all levels and an additional 200 Dragon Soul Crystal.

  A total of “Brother withdrew” and “Oh, not bad” permanent voices, a total of 800 Dragon Soul Crystals.

  Collection of hero lines


  Event introduction: Complete daily tasks to unlock hero lines, and you can get rewards every time you unlock them.

  Activity Raiders: You can get unparalleled limited-time voice boxes by logging in every day and sharing with friends. There are 6 groups in total, and each box has a voice and a dragon soul crystal when you open it. This task is not difficult, just let the little friends who open the black point to each other. If you get 6 sets of voice boxes, you can choose 1 out of 3 from the “Ring of the Stars” avatar frame, “Next time!” Defeat Mark, and “Star Eyes” emoticon reward.

  A total of 3 time-limited voices, 1 out of 3 collectibles, and 1080 dragon soul crystals will be obtained.

  Magic Drink Shop


  Activity introduction: Buy a beverage coin shaker, and exchange the shaken milk tea for voice.

  Activity Raiders: This is the recharge activity of this time. The 60-point coupon to buy the battle flag comes with 6 drink coins. 6 beverage coins shake a beverage machine, 10 consecutive is 10% off 54. There are three kinds of props to shake out, namely the luxurious snow top that can directly change the skin, the super milk cover that can change the trailing and returning to the city special effects, and the classic milk tea that can change all the props.

  Of course, the chances of luxury snow top and super milk cover are relatively small. If you only want to get back to the city, trailing and voice, you only need to smoke about 500 classic milk tea. If you want to get the skin, pump it until you get a luxurious snow top or 720 milk tea. After you get the luxury snow top, you can use the extra milk tea to exchange for other props.

  Vigus Bingo


  Activity introduction: Complete the task connection to get rewards.

  Activity Raiders: The tasks are distributed in 4X4, a total of 16 tasks, and you can get rewards for each completed one. Completing the 4 tasks on the horizontal line, vertical line and diagonal line can get huge rewards, which is what bingo means. Complete the game every day to get pumpkins, and the pumpkins directly unlock the task. Take the pumpkin to unlock the more difficult tasks, which can be completed quickly if you only need the liver.

  Get a total of 2800 blue spar, 1 emoji, 1 avatar, and 1 pose of your choice.


  This activity is relatively simple, and the rewards are very generous. You only need to complete the continuous login and complete the game, you can get nearly 2,000 dragon soul crystals, as well as blue spar and other rewards. It’s a bit of luck at the shaker. I hope everyone can take out the luxury snow cap and exchange it for an unparalleled easy skin as soon as possible.