A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game x Changsha Window of the World official announcement! Invite you to visit Guofeng Fantasy Paradise

Guofeng Carnival Night, the shadow falls in Changsha! A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game x Window of the World in Changsha [Guofeng Carnival Night] Official Announcement Link! In the Qiannu theme exhibition area, the Huamei Qianv theme phoenix floats and the zombie brigade will make their debut, and high-value NPCs such as Ah Chu and Lu Bing will make their appearance!

A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game x Changsha Window of the World linkage carnival

[Offline linkage fantasy is coming, immersed in the national style fantasy park]

Qiannv Mobile Games x Changsha World Window Dream Linkage! Create a fantasy world full of national style elements. The 1000-square-meter live theater [Lanruo Theater] will bring immersive fantasy encounters; the Qiannv theme exhibition area is beautiful and open, punch in to receive limited peripherals, and participate in interaction to win more benefits; Qiannv Phoenix-themed floats debut, 20 little zombies form a team, domineering Travel! Dozens of themed performances bring a surreal visual feast, and the 500+ high-value NPC lineup detonates cheers and screams! In addition, a certain NPC from the Three Realms will make a group debut on the spot. We invite you to explore the country’s first Oriental Fantasy IP together!

A Chinese Ghost Story Theme Immersion Theater

Only American-style beautiful women theme exhibition area

Qian Nu theme phoenix float, zombie brigade debut

Immersive exploration of the country’s first oriental fantasy IP

[Lanruo Theater is about to open, Guofeng Carnival Night invites you to an appointment]

There are also high-value NPCs making stunning appearances at the event site. You can chat, shake hands, and take photos. Zero-distance interaction is just waiting for you! Rich and interesting play items, and many surprises around the surrounding benefits! At that time, the official Qiannv mobile game will strictly follow the local The event will be held under the premise of the epidemic prevention policy, and the start time of the event will be announced on the official account of Qiannv Mobile Games and the official Weibo official account. The fantasy world is in place, and there will be occasions to meet offline! Welcome friends from the Three Realms to check in and join us for this national carnival feast!

coser face value feast

Full of benefits and surprises

[Ghosts haunt Qingqiu’s phantom spirit, and the phantom spirit shines and Huajian is born]

The October Qingqiu Magic Night special event will be open in all servers from October 28th to November 1st! Pumpkin masks, Magic Night theme red envelope covers, and various transformation props are coming soon. [Mountain like a mountain] The gameplay will be launched for a limited time, and hundreds of people will race on the same field to bring you back to familiar memories; [Dark Night Campfire Battle] The copy is open all day, and five people team up to fight off ghosts and guard the campfire! Open, a certain amount of red envelopes will be sent for free during the festival! Actively participate in the event and get three time-limited pumpkin masks for free, put on your favorite emoji and become the most “beautiful” boy~

The special event of Qingqiu Ghost Night in October is coming

[About “A Chinese Ghost Story” mobile game]

A new generation of national mobile game “A Chinese Ghost Story” is the official mobile game of the “New Chinese Ghost Story” terminal game. It has a terminal game-level aesthetic style and character design, and inherits the classic gameplay! Inherit the traditional culture. The Three Realms are not old, we are not separated! A Chinese Ghost Story mobile game wedding system is beautifully iterated, and the romance of the new Sansheng Lake is coming!

“A Chinese Ghost Story” mobile game official website: https://qnm.163.com/

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