“A alcohol essence” is so popular, which one is more worth buying? From introductory to advanced, it is summarized for you

As A-alcohol skin care has increasingly entered everyone’s field of vision, many people have such a misunderstanding when purchasing A-alcohol essence: they think that the higher the concentration of ingredients, the better the effect.

In fact, when purchasing A-alcohol essence, low concentration can bring more positive benefits to the skin in a long-term skin care process than high concentration, because low-concentration A-alcohol essence not only feels better to use, but also easier to adhere to.

Anti-aging is precisely a long-term skin care behavior. In addition to the A-alcohol component, the composition of the essence, keeping it alive, and wrapping it also determines the effect of low-concentration A-alcohol. “A alcohol essence” is so popular, which one is more worth buying? From introductory to advanced are summarized for you!

Getting Started: Kiehl’s A-Alcohol Serum

The entry-level A-alcohol essence needs to satisfy two points of low irritation and good skin feel at the same time. In addition to low-concentration A-alcohol, low irritation must be supported by strong formula ingredients.

This A-alcohol essence of Kiehl’s uses 0.1% of the ingredient concentration, and is compounded with the classic good partner of A-alcohol, niacinamide, to strengthen the effect of A-alcohol and stabilize the skin barrier state.

The addition of ceramide can also reduce the dry feeling of A-alcohol; this essence also has elastin and adenosine to assist in anti-aging, to enhance the effect of firming and smoothing the skin.

The essence has done a very good job in keeping the A-alcohol component alive. The double insurance of the vacuum bag and the light-proof bottle can make the A-alcohol more stable.

Kiehl’s A-alcohol essence is a water-like lotion, suitable for a wide range of skin types, fine skin and brightening effect.

Advanced: Proya Ruby Essence

For advanced skin care, it is not necessary to increase the concentration of ingredients in the purchase of A-alcohol ingredients. You can start from the perspective of the combination of anti-aging ingredients, so that the skin will be smoother when it is overdone.

In the A-alcohol essence of Ruby, 0.1% of the wrapped A-alcohol is used, and 20% of the hexapeptide is used.

The A-alcohol that has undergone the encapsulation and sustained-release treatment will be significantly reduced in terms of stimulation, but at the same time, the efficacy will also be sacrificed. The high-concentration hexapeptide that Proya matched with it actually plays the role of an A-alcohol amplifier to multiply the anti-aging effect.

Other antioxidant actives can also complement anti-aging skin care in a number of ways. This essence has been vacuumed and protected from light, and the A-alcohol component has high activity.

The texture of the lotion does a great job in moisturizing, avoiding the problem of breakouts after use as much as possible, and it works well for smoothing and firming skin.

Advanced: Murad A Alcohol Essence

On the basis of the above, if you want to go further, you can consider increasing the concentration of the A alcohol component. After the skin has fully established tolerance, it can choose to increase the concentration of ingredients; in addition, the choice of products should still pay attention to mildness.

In this A-alcohol essence of Murad, a dual formula of 0.1% uncoated A-alcohol and 0.2% A-ester is used. This combination of anti-aging ingredients can properly reduce the irritation of the A-alcohol formula and ensure the skin care effect.

In addition, with the addition of Murad’s good retention and enhancement formula, this essence can achieve good results in lightening wrinkles. Although the concentration of A-alcohol in the essence has increased, the overall mildness is still relatively high among similar products.

The essence feels matte on the skin, and it will be more comfortable to layer with a moisturizing cream afterwards.

Intermediate: L’Oreal Night Essence

Under the circumstance that the above-mentioned relatively mild A-alcohol essence has been fully adapted, girls with relatively healthy skin barrier can hit the intermediate version.

The intermediate A-alcohol essence not only has a significant increase in the concentration of ingredients, but also provides stronger support for the anti-aging effect in the product formula. For those who have adapted to low-concentration A-alcohol, the correct use of the intermediate A-alcohol essence can feel the skin change in a short period of time.

This L’Oreal Night Essence is a medium-concentration A-alcohol essence, and the overall formula properties are relatively easy to accept.

Among them, the concentration of A-alcohol was increased to 0.25%, and the anti-aging effect was enhanced with the addition of lifting peptides without wrapping treatment. L’Oreal has carried out triple retention treatment on this essence, which can be said to lock the activity of A-alcohol firmly.

With such a powerful combination of ingredients, Night Serum can also play a lightening effect on the stubborn lines of facial skin. For example, the difficult nasolabial folds and the forehead folds can have a good fade effect.

However, when using this essence, you should do a good job of soothing and moisturizing, followed by a cream seal, and strict sun protection during the day.