A 1,700-year-old ancient tomb in Shandong excavated the remains of three children, revealing a secret history of heart abuse

On May 8, 2003, when the construction team in Linyi, Shandong Province was expanding the former residence of Wang Xizhi, a worker casually threw the steel drill to the ground. As a result, a bottomless hole was dug.

Archaeological experts came after hearing the news and immediately launched an investigation into the black hole. It was determined that there was an ancient tomb inside, and a protective excavation work began. When cleaning the open space in front of the tomb, many red marks appeared on the ground. Historical records record that coating the ground with iron ore powder was a spectacle unique to the emperor’s tomb. Therefore, the experts were extremely excited and continued to excavate with many questions. .

After the grave goods outside the tomb were cleared, a series of unexpected discoveries followed. These were two very small coffins, containing the remains of two children, who were only two years old and one year old. The owner of the tomb in the west tomb is even more surprising. It is actually a 5-year-old bride. What on earth did these children experience thousands of years ago?

It is speculated that this tomb was dated 1,700 years ago. The owners of the tomb are Sima Huan, son of Sima Rui, the founding emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Sima Anguo, grandson of Sima Rui. Sima Huan was Sima Rui’s favorite son. However, he was suffering from illness and died at the age of two. A few days later, his grandson who had just turned one year old also passed away. According to ancient times, the 5-year-old bride became a burial object.

Today, the royal turmoil that happened 1,700 years ago has dissipated, but this ancient tomb allows future generations to still see the cruel scene in that troubled time!

Reference materials: “Book of Jin” and “Taiping Yulan”