996 Legend Box Tournament Center is officially launched, can’t this 666 be played?

Uncle Party is really all-pervasive these days. A few days ago, I saw someone broke the news that the 996 Legend Box might add a function for e-sports events. I am still holding a wait-and-see attitude. After all, everyone knows the 996 Box, which is essentially the 996 Legend Engine. The product of the engine tool is listed on the platform. The left hand of the 996 engine has obtained the genuine authorization from the official “Legend”, and the right hand has reached a cooperation with the GM who wants to develop the legendary game. It provides technical support and security, GM pays for learning, and then sells it on the 996 box Legendary games developed by themselves earn income, so the box itself is equivalent to an open market. It should be the GM of each legendary game to attract players to join.

I didn’t expect that the box really did the best after-sales service. I was afraid that the strength and technology of the GMs would not be enough to build a large-scale event such as an event, so they simply set up a bridge and launched an event center… Thinking about this design, it makes sense. Legend The most exciting content of the game is the battle, whether it’s a gang battle, a sand attack, or a small team encounter, it’s all about brothers working together to overthrow each other. This kind of atmosphere and operation is really suitable for a competition. Events, the kind of visual impact and psychological shock, are not comparable to current e-sports competitions. It’s a pity that Legend is an old game in the ancient times after all, and the die-hard fans are busy retreating.

After the event center of 996 Box was launched, I immediately updated and clicked to check it out. The content of the newly added system was not full enough, but the framework was relatively complete. There is a module directly on the home page. In the event calendar, the game is clearly listed from what time to what time each day. Each game also has a special commentary for the onlookers. This configuration is very good, because in the legendary game The atmosphere is the first, a reliable commentator can not only explain the game situation, but also arouse the emotions of the audience.

More importantly, in addition to explaining to the audience at the scene, there is also a special information area in the event center, with pre-match previews, quick reports of the game, and post-match inventory, from the scores of the two sides to the highlight moments. It’s fun to watch, and players participating in the event can also understand the game from the third perspective and prepare for the next event.

996 Box even has a part of the server for the replay of the game. It is not enough to watch the battle report. You can directly watch the video to check the game. After supporting the players max, ordinary players also have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. Before each game starts, they can go to the pre-match discussion area to gossip and chat, comment on the families they support, and cheer on the participating players.

These functions turn the event center of the 996 box into a special area with social functions, plus the live sharing function, the diffusion and publicity effects are also directly filled, allowing more players to understand the 996 box and attract more fans of the legendary game to join, so When I think about it, the 996 box is really a professional platform for marketing. It makes players perform, makes players happy, and makes passers-by look over. It drives the 996 engine to continue to heat up the popularity of the legendary game. Qin Shihuang looks in the mirror and win-win.