7th Anniversary Strongest Welfare Launched, Mystery Store Upgraded, Epic 11 Pick 9, 344 Ying Zheng launched

The strongest benefit for the seventh anniversary of the glory of the king was officially launched on the 29th. Not only did two epic skins be exchanged for free, but also the restart of the mystery store and the open access to the victory plus star card. If you have previously raised your crop proficiency to 70 points, you can save enough Star Sand to exchange for Guiguzi’s anniversary skin. It is worth mentioning that the redemption code for “Five Grains Harvest Year” is only available for one day. If you want to give a skin to a friend who has not done a task, the fastest way is to experience a Guiguzi anniversary skin through the man-machine quick mode!

The epic skin treasure chest that all players can receive for free is also limited to one day on the 29th. Although the mechanism for opening the treasure chest this time is not optional, it will give priority to the skins that they do not own. For example, I exchanged the large size for the blue treasure chest. After collecting other epics that can be exchanged for skin fragments, I got Sun Ce’s cat and dog, and the small size was directly opened to get Lian Po’s Hell Rock Soul. It is recommended that friends who want a favorite skin don’t rush to open it, and wait for the follow-up fragment store to collect ordinary epics before opening the treasure chest!

This round of Mystery Store will continue to be open until the 11th of next month for two weeks. Players will draw exclusive discounts first, and then the system will randomly generate available skins based on the player’s hero skin pool. The biggest highlight of this issue is the first time to join Houyi’s legendary skin “Golden Sagittarius” and Sun Shangxiang’s epic skin “Lovers of Time”, both of which consume a minimum of 844 and 444 coupons to exchange, while coupons for hero Ying Zheng (minimum 344 points) coupons) are also on the shelves simultaneously. So what epics are worth redeeming this time?

It can be said that the update of this round of Mystery Store is very powerful, and the exchangeable skins are fully upgraded. Unlike the previous addition of many epics that can consume skin fragments to exchange, the main force this time is the type that is not listed in the Fragment Store. After the editor’s statistics, we found that there are 11 epics on the shelves in this round, namely Gongsun Li Infinite Star Appreciation Official, Zhuge Liang Golden Ratio, Baili’s Phantom of the Promise Keeper, Ake Rhythm Heat Wave, Han Xin Bai Longyin, Jia Luo Arrow Feather Wind Breath, Sun Ce/Da Qiao’s Diary of Cats and Dogs, Ying Zheng’s Noble Prince in the Dark Night, Zhao Yun’s Future Era, and Cai Wenji dancing in the greenery. In addition to Zhao Yun and Cai Wenji skins, the first nine epics are worth redeeming, of course, don’t forget that Sun Ce Cats and Dogs and Ake Rhythm Heatwave can also be obtained for free through the red and blue treasure chests.

Finally, the “7th Anniversary Plus Star Card” is only available on the 29th. The way to get it is very simple. Players only need to participate in the “Quick to Help” activity, select the soldier fishing rod or the “Help” button to complete the help to get the reward “7th Anniversary Plus Star Card”. “Star Card” item, this item will automatically add a star after qualifying victory, there is no restriction on the use of rank, and it can only take effect in the S29 season!