79 yuan heavy retro solid color sweater, full of thickness, temperature and fashion are indispensable!

say this winter

Which trend is the most popular

Must be an increasingly retro style

assorted clothing

all go retro

Showing colorful fashion with high saturation

Among them, popular items naturally include

must-have sweaters for autumn and winter

It seems that when the leaves turn yellow

Wear a soft and comfortable sweater

Feel more at ease

In fact, sweaters have already become autumn and winter

must have item

Not only because of its unique texture

Also has a good thermal insulation effect

Whether male or female

Once the autumn and winter season

There will be a variety of sweaters

Some are sweaters and cardigans, some are pullovers

Sweater as an everyday accessory

It is very versatile

Business men’s suit jacket with turtleneck sweater

Showing mature and stable charm

Glamour women’s coat with sweater cardigan

exudes a warm and intellectual temperament

According to the retro trend sweeping the fashion industry this year

Sweaters are no exception

Therefore, what I bring to you today is

Vintage Colorful Pullover Sweater

Unisex unisex design

Colorful and stylish solid color style

Create a unique autumn and winter retro trend

Preferred Mixed Fabrics

Not easy to pilling, more durable

It feels softer to wear on the body

This Vintage Colorful Pullover Sweater

Give every buyer the most surprising wearing experience

Everyone has left positive comments

Compared to hundreds of sweaters on the market

The price of this vintage sweater

Only 79 yuan a piece

But it can bring big-name quality dressing experience

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Cut for a loose, slim fit

Suitable for more people of different shapes

More inclusive, modify the body curve

Better enhance the temperament and show the charm

Simple and advanced solid color design

More versatile and fashionable

Everyday, whether it is with a coat

Or a suit jacket

All show high quality

High-neck and round-neck styles

Can match different styles

High collar as a texture inside

Crew neck as a simple single wear

It is recommended to enter both pieces, which is more cost-effective

Such a versatile and comfortable retro sweater

A must-have fashion item for autumn and winter

Both men and women can wear

Unique style, showing the retro trend of this autumn

Recommended reason

Mixed fabric is preferred, it is more skin-friendly and not easy to pilling

Loose and comfortable fit for all body types

A variety of color options, highlighting the retro fashion and more versatile

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Original price: 159 yuan

Limited time offer: 79 yuan


Featured Featured Mixed Fabrics

Skin-friendly, soft and not easy to pilling

The most annoying of many sweaters

it’s the ball problem

Just wear one or two

Pilling is always the norm

But this retro pullover

Selected composite fabric

The overall feel is more skin-friendly and soft

Also more durable

even scratching

It will not be easy to pilling and hooking

Long-lasting as new, texture upgrade

The touch is more skin-friendly

There will be no thorny feel

More peace of mind for everyday wear

Soft and comfortable sweater

Bring more warmth to autumn and winter

Unique double knitting technique

The overall weaving is more delicate

Very good guarantee that the sweater does not go through the line

looks natural

The overall delicate weaving technique

and fabric selection

Create a skin-friendly sweater

Wear as an inner layer or alone

no problem

Upper body is more comfortable

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Original price: 159 yuan

Limited time offer: 79 yuan


Ingeniously designed loose fit

Modify the body to enhance the texture

Due to the thick material of the sweater

Therefore , the version of the sweater is very important

Once too tight

Wearing it will make you look fat

this vintage sweater

Designed in a neutral style

Overall loose fit

Wear loose and not tight

Just the right modification of body defects

Show off a different kind of temperament and charm

For some people with small belly

This sweater is simply very friendly

Can cover up deficiencies well

overall knitted sweater

Relaxed on a good guarantee

More tall and straight

Men’s wear can be very good

Straight and broad shoulder line

It is more suitable for women to wear

petite and cute

Loose not tight

Tall and stylish retro sweater

Can show high-quality texture well

In line with current trends

A must-buy sweater for fall and winter

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Original price: 159 yuan

Limited time offer: 79 yuan


Multiple color style options

Versatile fashion retro style

The best way to interpret the retro trend

is through the simplicity of pure tones

Colorful colors, unadorned sheer

Can well show the essence of retro

This sweater comes in fifteen colors

From soft and comfortable light shades

to mature dark tones

Each color represents a different temperament

Ladies choose pink or purple

With a skirt or coat

All show gentle and elegant temperament

Men choose black or blue

With a suit or jacket

Embody a mature and stable style

High-neck and round-neck styles

A must for everyday wear

High collar with coat

Show high-quality texture

Round neck wear alone or with a suit

Demonstrate mature and stable temperament

The must-have retro colorful sweater for fall and winter

Great for showing a different style

Daily collocation is a panacea

Unisex style for men and women

Keep up with fashion trends

in this autumn and winter

wearing this sweater

show a different fashion