7 hours to bring more than 6 million goods! Haidilao joins the live broadcast army and pushes 11 new products at one time

Source of this article: Times Finance Author: Wang Yan

After the competitor Xiabuxiabu (00520.HK) announced its entry into the barbecue industry, Haidilao (06862.HK), the “hot pot brother”, also accelerated the pace of innovation.

On the morning of October 28th, Haidilao held an online launch of new products for autumn and winter in 2022 on Douyin, launching new products including fish sticks with cheese, kimchi duck meat, konjac vegetable hairy belly, sweet potato savory skin, etc., and started the live broadcast Bring the goods.

Image source: Figureworm Creative

According to official data from Douyin, Haidilao ranked 5th on the list of anchors for group purchases that day. According to data from the third-party live broadcast data statistics platform Grey Dolphin, as of 17:00 on the 28th, the cumulative sales of Haidilao’s live broadcast had exceeded 6 million yuan.

The relevant person in charge of Haidilao told Times Finance that the company released a total of 11 new products at this conference, taking into account various categories, including pot bottoms, snacks, dishes and drinks. It is also a conference with the largest number of new products on Haidilao.

According to public information, at the end of 2021, Haidilao announced a new product plan, announcing that it will promote product innovation from the national and regional dual systems, and innovate in all aspects from the bottom of the pot, dishes, snacks and experience, and maintain at least two a year nationwide. The next new rhythm.

“The high frequency of new products and the continuous explosion of models have directly increased consumers’ desire to consume, increased new sales and enhanced repurchase, and played a significant positive role in the store’s operating performance. Two product launches in January and June this year. New, all of which have driven the overall turnover rate of Haidilao’s nationwide stores to increase significantly compared with the same period last year.” said the person in charge.

As live broadcast has gradually become an indispensable channel for brands to get closer to consumers, Haidilao has also joined the army of live broadcast delivery.

Times Finance noticed that the Douyin account of Haidilao’s new product launch conference is called “Haidilao Hotpot”, and the account currently has nearly 1 million fans. Since August 5th this year, the account has conducted 4 live broadcasts on Douyin. This new product launch is also the first time that it has sold goods during the live broadcast. There has been an explosion.

In addition to the new products, Haidilao has also been selling vouchers, package vouchers, dish vouchers and other products on Douyin for a long time. Among them, the product with the highest sales volume is “Haidilao members can enjoy 380 to 400 vouchers”, with a sales volume of 44,000.

Under the epidemic, live delivery, takeaway, online shopping malls, etc. have become new channels for Haidilao to generate income.

In mid-June this year, Haidilao established a community operation center, focusing on the innovation of diversified catering services other than dine-in services with the community operation model of “takeaway + community + live broadcast + online mall”. In addition, Haidilao adjusted its business structure to mitigate the impact of the epidemic, driving the growth of its food delivery business. Haidilao’s semi-annual report shows that from January to June this year, the company’s takeaway business revenue increased by nearly 40% year-on-year.

In the first half of the year, Haidilao achieved a revenue of 16.764 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 16.57%, and a net loss of 267 million yuan, compared with a net profit of 96.5 million yuan in the same period last year.

Haidilao said that with the easing of the epidemic, since June, the company’s restaurant operations have improved significantly month-on-month, and it plans to launch the “Hard Bone Plan” at the right time to restart some of the stores closed under the “Woodpecker Plan” in 2021.