69 Brother did his best! The gap in the bottom lane and the overall operation idea are not as good as T1, and JDG1-3 regrettably lost

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Brother 69 really tried his best! The second team faced Yon, and for the sake of the team, he chose the Stone Man, but he did not lose the slightest in the lane. The third one, took out the crocodile and completed multiple single kills, including killing Zeus twice, once at 13 minutes, Zeus took the initiative to attack, and finally flashed face-to-face 369, was bitten to death by 369’s crocodile, once at 17 minutes , the two sides fought in the middle, 369 jumped over the tower and then killed Zeus alone; Faker’s solo kill was 22 minutes later, Faker took the initiative to find 369 singled out, and he was killed. It can be said that when the team collapsed , 369 almost single-handedly supported the hopes of the JDG team.

The last one, after 369 selected the pig girl, 7 minutes later, he rushed to the bottom of the road on foot, forcibly helped his teammates to take a head. It can only be said that 369 has done almost everything, even much more than Zeus, only It is a pity that the strength of the bottom road is too poor, and the overall operation idea is not as good as that of T1, which ultimately falls short. Of course, the most unfortunate thing is the third one. JDG actually has a lot of opportunities to win. For example, when a large number of troops entered the tower in the early stage, Kanavi not only failed to kill Zeus, but was also counter-killed. Another example is 369 Half-blooded squat Faker, almost killed. Too much pity also raises the barrier to comeback. If JDG can win the third game, the game is likely to reach a tiebreaker.