67-year-old Zhang Fengyi is too young, and Zhang Tielin was thrown away by several blocks at the class reunion

In this circle of uncles, Zhang Fengyi is like a bottle of aged wine that has not experienced wind and rain. The longer it gets, the more fragrant it becomes. His figure was maintained as if he were in his early thirties, and he didn’t look like a “grandpa” at all. Compared with most of his peers, his tendons are kept just right. Others may gain weight in middle age, but he becomes more and more handsome as time goes by. From head to toe, from folds to skin, he exuded an intoxicating charm.

At the Nortel class reunion, an eye-catching figure stood out, that is the familiar legend in the entertainment industry – 67-year-old Zhang Fengyi. Compared with his classmate Zhang Tielin, he simply surpassed the classmates next to him by several blocks and became the focus of the night.

It must be mentioned that Zhang Fengyi is not only eye-catching in appearance, but also famous for his superb acting skills. Most of the roles he plays are tough and masculine positive images, which give people a strong sense of security whether in film or television works or in real life. This may be one of the reasons why he can maintain such high popularity among uncles.

No wonder Zhang Fengyi became the center of attention at the Nortel class reunion. His energy and fashion sense are unique among his classmates, making people unable to help but take a second look. Compared with Zhang Tielin, who is in the same class, Zhang Fengyi’s youthful vitality is really eye-catching.

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