66-year-old Xie Lingling is doing yoga on the grass! Wear yoga clothes with curvy curves and smooth skin like a girl

On October 28, 66-year-old Taiwanese actress Xie Lingling posted a rare photo of herself doing yoga on the platform. What was unexpected was that although Xie Lingling was over 500 years old, she took good care of her. Instead of being a 66-year-old woman, she looks like a girl. This state is indeed extremely enviable, and it also attracted the onlookers of countless netizens for a while!

That day, the sun was shining and the weather was very good. I saw Xie Lingling put a purple yoga mat on the lawn and started doing yoga. She was wearing rose red short sleeves and a pair of printed yoga pants on her lower body. With some difficult yoga moves, she crossed her legs, raised one leg, grabbed the ankle of the raised leg with her hand, and supported the ground with one hand. The movements were still a little difficult, and it also showed her figure and flexibility. At the age of 66, she can still do these movements easily, which shows that she often does yoga.

I have to say that even though I am 66 years old, my body and skin are still well maintained, especially the double peaks on the chest and the exquisite curves, the collarbone at the neck, and the skin condition is also very perfect. Very Bai Nen is like a girl in this state. It seems that practicing yoga has many benefits, but some of the difficult movements of yoga are easy to grasp for her, and they are not difficult at all.

As a Taiwanese actress, Xie Lingling has also starred in many film and television dramas. She is also the Queen of the Golden Horse. She has also served as a guest of honor at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards. They have two children, but this relationship did not last. The two agreed to divorce in 1995, and finally wished her a safe and healthy old age.