62 minutes and 44 seconds! A new domestic half-marathon record, created by a 32-year-old veteran, Li Zicheng has strength

After many important marathons in China, including Wuxi, Chongqing, etc., were cancelled one after another, we couldn’t help but feel a little pity. We really came with hope and returned with disappointment, but there was one race that was held on October 30th as scheduled. It was Tonglu Banyan. The Cheng Marathon has also attracted top domestic elite runners like Li Zicheng and Guan Yousheng, so the specifications of the event are still relatively high. After all, there are too few marathons that can be held as scheduled. Only 62 minutes and 44 seconds after the final shot, he won the championship by breaking the domestic half-marathon record.

The second-placed Guan Yousheng and the third-placed Cen Wanjiang both surpassed 64 minutes. However, this race still needs to be confirmed by the Athletics Association. After all, some Xi’an runners have broken this record before, but they are considered to be The distance is not enough, so it is considered only a “folk” record. The previous domestic half marathon record was 62 minutes and 51 seconds by Dong Guojian, but Li Zicheng improved this record by 7 seconds. It seems that the duel between the masters, even if it is a race of dozens of kilometers, still needs seconds to determine the level of performance. , the competition is still fierce.

This year’s Li Zicheng is 32 years old. He is a veritable veteran. To achieve such results, he is really strong. In fact, in recent years, there are many young marathon runners in China, and they are also very strong. The ability to stand out must be inseparable from Li Zicheng’s usual training. From the previous 38-year-old Kipchoge breaking the world record for the entire marathon, to the current Li Zicheng breaking the domestic half-marathon record, all of these tell us that the marathon is not a sport of youth, but after years of growth Only in the future can our athletes have strong core competitiveness and create better results. Let us congratulate Li Zicheng for breaking the record.