51-year-old Hu Bing really doesn’t look old! Wear a black coat and patent leather shoes like a knight

Men are indeed much inferior to women in the choice of clothing, but in this season, men still have many kinds of clothing to choose from, such as sweaters, jackets, coats and the like are good choices, but because of the style , and the age is different, everyone is different in the choice of style, mature and successful men are more inclined to the latter coat and the like.

Hu Bing is no stranger to everyone. He was born as a male model. He has not changed much for so many years, which is really enviable. With his solid basic figure, my brother is also quite amazing in dressing and dressing. Every time I choose to watch The seemingly simple clothes are full of hormones, highlighting a handsome and charming, very good-looking.

Dressing tips: suit coat

Advantages: dignified atmosphere, attractive

There are many kinds of coats, some are casual, and some are dignified. The suit coat belongs to the latter. It looks like a suit, but it has an extended design on the hem. Aura, of course, for this kind of clothing, first of all, the driver’s figure should be decent, otherwise it will appear very short.

Hu Bing’s figure is obvious to all. He is tall and stylish. It is not too suitable for such a long item. The shoulder-padded suit coat looks particularly stylish when worn on the body, especially the closed style. I haven’t seen him getting old, he is very handsome.

Wearing tips: black shirt and black tie

Advantages: Formal and advanced, suitable for large occasions

Whether the coat looks good or not, the inner layer is very important, but different inner layers show different visual senses. For example, men are more casual in private, so they all wear open hem and choose simple clothes such as sweaters. However, when attending some large-scale events, more than 90% of men wear shirts and ties to show their temperament.

On the inside, Hu Bing is still very good at dressing up, with black shirts and ties, instead of choosing fancy bottoming shirts to avoid mistakes in styling, but also in line with his age and style, formal and serious, and not tired of watching.

Wearing tips: straight pants + leather shoes

Advantages: classic and versatile, not tired of wearing

For a single product like a coat, in the choice of bottoms, there is only one type of trousers for men, but fortunately, men’s trousers are also quite rich. Any casual pants and jeans can be perfectly integrated. Generally speaking, For some formal occasions, you have to wear straight suit pants, which are neat and stylish, and look very stylish.

It can be seen that in terms of bottoms, Hu Bing also chose a pair of straight-leg pants of the same color as the coat. They are neat and stylish. He is wearing patent leather shoes. He is very attractive. .

Dressing Tips: Glasses Decoration

Advantages: youthful and elegant

Men are decorating this piece, which is not as rich as women, but this does not mean that men have no decoration at all. They can also use some small details, such as glasses, makeup and hair, to make the whole more attractive. Just don’t overcomplicate it to avoid flaws.

In this respect, Hu Bing is definitely the best among male stars. He has a hairstyle showing his forehead and wears glasses without lenses. Especially his mustache is really manly. The more he looks, the more handsome he is.

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