51-year-old Gigi Lai appeared on the live broadcast platform, generously sharing maintenance tips, drinking water every morning

Gigi Lai is 51 years old this year. Although she is over 50 years old, she quit the showbiz in 2008 because she had to take care of her brother who was in a car accident and turned to be a strong woman in the business world, but her star halo is still there, and her appearance is still beautiful and moving. Gigi Lai Suyan appeared on the live broadcast platform and generously shared maintenance tips.

In the video, Gigi Lai was wearing a white bathrobe and just woke up with no makeup on her face, looking good. Gigi Lai revealed that she drinks water every morning. Warm water is good for the body and can also promote gastrointestinal circulation. “In addition, Gigi Lai also shared her breakfast, sun eggs, berries, bread, tomato baked beans, coffee, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the three meals, but if I am losing weight, eat breakfast. If I have more, my lunch will be in control.”

In fact, it is not the first time that Gigi Lai has shared her tips. She said before that drinking water is to maintain good health. Because some girls are worried about swelling, they dare not drink too much water. In fact, drinking water can help the body detoxify ,fat burning. The second is the importance of removing makeup. Gigi Lai feels that maintenance is important, but if makeup is not removed in time, it will lead to dull skin and clogged pores.