50% of advertising dollars must be wasted? Massive star map tries to make some changes


30 works are updated every month, of which 15 are commercial orders. Every year, “small millions” of DOU+ traffic is invested, and no orders are received through underwater. All commercial cooperation has been completed through the giant star map platform for three years.

At the Giant Star Talent Festival, Marketing Yuzijiang ( ID:marketingyuzijiang ) met four top talents. As a representative of the short drama content track, the master Zhou Xiaonao gave the above data. ” Let the platform make money, and the platform will make you money, and the Douyin platform is relatively fair, whether it’s official or not, and whether it has 10 million or 50 million fans, it’s all the same. ” The content entrepreneur gave his judgment on Douyin and the giant star map.

Like graphic and knowledge content, in the planning of huge star maps, short-play content belongs to the emerging vertical category with both immersion and continuity. In the “O-5A” model, these content will be converted into “inquiries” The A3 population of “decision-making” is between the A2 population of “planting grass” and the A4 population of “weeding”.

According to the data from the huge cloud map, 25% of the A3 population will make purchases within 55 days after being deeply planted , so the weight of this indicator in the brand’s launch of Douyin is also increasing.

For the Douyin system, it is no longer a problem to eat the budget of brand owners for O (opportunity crowd), A1 (brand exposure), and A2 (product planting). Ready to complete the conversion, the brand has either voted for Douyin, or is on the way to Douyin.

However, in order to improve the link between “seeding” and “pulling”, it is necessary to provide more detailed and gradient content for brands at different stages and budgets on the “content shelf” of Douyin.

Responsible for the huge number of star maps “on the shelf”, like the latecomers Huahuo (Bilibili), Magnetic Juxing (Kaishou), and Dandelion (Little Red Book), attract and delineate users with talents, and then provide them to brands that match their needs. Deploy and provide security and more certainty for both parties.

In 2022, the huge number of people who can receive orders from the star map will triple in one year, exceeding 2 million, and the number of brands and customers will also increase by more than 200% to 1.9 million, covering nearly 300 sub-sectors. On this sufficiently large and rich “shelf”, creators with business income increased by 64.1%, and creative income increased by 72.2% year-on-year. GMV growth curve.

When Douyin has become a must for brands, how can it be more efficient? How does the massive star map help celebrities and brands find each other in tens of billions of matching combinations and achieve a win-win situation for all parties? How did Douyin become a lucrative and stable career?

In the past month, Marketing Yuzijiang had an in-depth conversation with the heads of multiple businesses of Ju Liaoxingtu, as well as several Douyin heads, trying to give the answers to the above questions.

Brand bet

——Black cat and white cat, they are all good cats

In 2020, Douyin’s daily active users exceeded 600 million, and it is firmly sitting on the top spot in the content traffic pool. Naturally, there is no shortage of brands to invest in. Whether it is the pursuit of conversion, promotion of grass planting or preemption, there are brands in different tracks, positioning and development stages. Different ways of playing, but the same is the media attribute, mainly aiming at the cake of brand marketing budget.

Also in 2020, the rapid rise of Douyin’s e-commerce business has made the value of the platform more diversified for brands. Brands have begun to form a closed sales loop within the Douyin system. Both the “white cat” of marketing and the “black cat” transformed by e-commerce can bring value , but the “marketing science” has also become more complex.

The person in charge of the related business of the giant star map told Marketing Yuzijiang that, taking the beauty track as an example, although the domestic e-commerce penetration rate is significantly higher than the global average, “but it will also be divided into brand budget and e-commerce budget” , Douyin, as a content platform, can not only generate sales but also produce content at nodes such as e-commerce festivals. ” From the perspective of the broader market, there is continuous growth.

In the face of this rapidly expanding system, many brands choose to cooperate with service providers to seize their positions, and thus a group of head DPs who quickly played Showcase on the vertical track were born. For example, the “Adidas Women’s Official Flagship Store” has chosen Qifei, which holds domestic first-line clothing brands such as Lily and Beaster, while Beijing’s Peruiweixing has successively won food tracks such as Kong Ke, Ramen Talk, and Xianghe Pastry Shop. new consumer brand.

However, with the further improvement of the huge star map capabilities, more and more brands have begun to independently combine strategies to fight marketing battles.

Shen Donglai, the co-founder of ZBEN, mentioned when reviewing the marketing strategy of the 618 node: ” Under the combination of content marketing and e-commerce, its major center is still content-based, good content plus the traffic of marketing tools. Amplification is the only way for brands to achieve success in Douyin, so every tool and every piece of traffic is worth our research .”

Before the big promotion node, this new domestic beauty brand, which opened the market with the explosive plant cleansing oil, has accumulated 1.12 million official account fans, which can be defined as the A5 group with the highest brand loyalty in the “O-5A” system. For these regular customers, we shoot new materials every day in front of the nodes, and then push them to reach them in a targeted manner. “Efficiency is visibly improved by 20% to 30% compared to the daily rate . “

After the adjustment of the strategy, the potential customer groups are divided into three categories one by one, which can be converted, those who can be converted without advertising, and those who can be converted without advertising . Coupled with the layout of search tools, one by one can promote some A1 interest groups to directly enter the live broadcast room to place orders through short video content, and become A4 consumer users. “The natural traffic has increased, the ROI has increased by 6%, and the monthly GMV has also increased by 60%. Wan “, Shen Donglai said.

Similar to each book, many domestic brands have opened up new traffic and sales channels by focusing on Douyin before international brands with long decision-making processes and heavy burdens. The dairy brand Junlebao, which started in Hebei, is a typical representative. .

Before the Spring Festival in 2020, the team of Ju Liaoxingtu came into contact with the Junlebao brand. The above-mentioned person in charge admitted to Marketing Yuzijiang, “You can feel that it is a very traditional enterprise, because it used to focus on TV stations and large-scale variety shows. Traditional channels” , and in addition to top brands such as Mengniu and Yili, domestic food and beverage companies are often very regional, and the cost of developing production lines and channels nationwide is high. How to “go global” through digital technology is a long-term Intractable question.

But after repeated communication, Junlebao decided to come up with a budget that exceeded the scale of previous Internet-related cooperation, packaged and cooperated with Douyin’s marketing IP matrix for the entire Spring Festival, and focused on southern China, which was originally insufficiently covered, and then superimposed on regional The analysis of competitors has hit the local middle- and high-income groups.

Note: In addition to “rushing to the high end”, Junlebao is also continuing to promote various cooperation with Douyin

“Local food and beverage brands are now completely Internet-based. The traditional way is to build factories and channels first, and use a very asset-heavy way to break through. But after taking the road of Internet precision marketing, they can use their real needs. To guide the planning of the construction of the factory,” the person in charge analyzed Marketing Yuzijiang.

huge star map

——Going both ways, how to promote

As of June 2022, there are more than 1.9 million brand customers connected to the giant star map, a year-on-year increase of more than 200%. Among them, in addition to the domestic products such as Zhuangben and Junlebao, which are emerging as a new army, or the old brand has become popular, of course, it also includes top international brands.

For these high-profile brands with a long marketing decision-making process, there has been a relatively lack of corresponding solutions for creating highly free short video talent marketing. The person in charge of the relevant business told Marketing Yuzijiang that in the past, when such brands found cooperation with experts, they often chose to publish the content on their official accounts. The official account will become a collection of commercials, and the content is relatively unattractive.

But this year, Douyin launched the “co-creation” gameplay. When a brand cooperates with Daren, it can first select high-profile celebrities, and then use the official account to send content. It can use the traffic pool of brands and talents for distribution at the same time.

As the “engine” of Douyin’s commercialization with more than 2 million people who can take orders, Huo Liaoxingtu can use all the technical experience accumulated over the years to complete the matching work of “brand-talent-population”.

For brands, the “submission task” that attracts talents to create spontaneously, and the “communication task” that selects talents in a targeted manner correspond to different marketing demands. Beginning with waist masters, there are tens of millions of super head accounts, providing multiple gradient choices for brands with different budget levels.

In order to further improve the delivery efficiency, brands need to accurately select the massive crowd packages provided by the giant star map. “We have been upgrading our method of understanding users and using the data on the platform more flexibly.”

According to the introduction of the giant star map, the determination of crowd tags has two dimensions: direct and indirect. In addition to public demographic tags and formed sociological research results and other references, the analysis based on user activity positioning will also be abstracted as part of user portraits , ” For example, users who frequently go to high-speed rail stations and airports may be classified as mid-to-high-end business users .”

However, the person in charge also admitted to Marketing Yuzijiang that an absolutely accurate user portrait is still an ideal concept. The positioning of “small town youth” and “white-collar mother” also needs to be reversed based on user behavior habits, and products with different genes There will be their own methods.

Based on the text analysis experience formed from Toutiao today, Douyin is very advantageous in content preference analysis, and then it is embodied as a “brand zone” tool that helps to increase ROI by 6% . Today, the main basis for the huge number of star maps to divide the crowd package is also the content preference reflected by users’ attention, likes, and comments in the Douyin system .

It is worth mentioning that this matching method based on multi-dimensional data “reverse push” logic has helped vertical industries such as games and automobiles open up new ideas in short video marketing.

When analyzing the user data of the top game experts, the giant star map found that in addition to the game content, the fans of these talents also pay attention to categories such as film and television plots, secondary elements, current affairs news, 3C digital, etc. People will also be referred to gaming advertisers. According to statistics, more than 25 vertical talents have participated in the creation of game content, and 76% of advertisers tend to place talents across categories, of which pan-entertainment talents are the most popular.

At present, the giant star map is still cooperating with some leading game manufacturers to further open up the connection between Douyin as a content platform and in-game transformation. This will also provide the game industry with more accurate delivery tools and case closing data. “The main means of promoting the game’s first reaction is to select talents and live broadcasts, but as long as the thinking is not rigid and other gameplays are launched, it can also run very well. Good results, non-live, non-game talents also performed well.”

individual talent

——From “Internet celebrity” to “4A”

For brand advertisers and service providers, the massive star map is a “toolbox”, and how to use and cooperate depends on their abilities. But for the creators on Douyin, especially the individual talents who have not signed up with MCN, they need the guidance, matching, service and protection of a huge number of star maps. In short: more human.

Ruffian, Kitchen Adventures, Everyday Day and Night (hereinafter referred to as “Heavenly Dad”) and Zhou Xiaonao, the four leading creators, all belong to individual masters who have grown up on their own and have received orders from a huge number of star maps. At the same time, he also expressed the important role of the platform in protecting the rights and interests of talents for marketing Yuzijiang.

Generally speaking, advertisers need to pay a deposit first when they release content marketing tasks on the huge star map. After receiving the order, the master will first upload the content script for the platform and the brand to review and confirm, and the master will follow the final version. The content shot by the script, the brand owner cannot modify it without authorization, and the giant star map only collects commission fees from the brand side. If the brand defaults and withdraws, the deposit will not be refunded.

Although this process can protect the rights and interests of creators to a large extent, it is still difficult for many celebrities who started out with “shooting + clipping” to adapt at first.

Since the creative content belongs to the mother-infant parenting track, the content of the children’s appearance is highly random and difficult to control. When Tianda first received orders from the huge star map, he took the first shot, and then organized the script according to the actual content. method, but often encountered difficulties in the audit. Later, through communication with the platform, Tian Dad changed his creative thinking. He and his wife were responsible for completing commercial content such as commercial broadcasts, and then integrated them into the children’s daily life to complete the works. , the road to content realization is getting smoother.

Behind the change of thinking is the control of rules and bottom lines by a huge number of star maps.

The person in charge of the creator operation of the giant star map told Marketing Yuzijiang that by summarizing the standard cognition of advertising, marketing, and media industries and turning them into products and mechanisms, the platform can provide creators with the value of bottom line and protection for commercial realization. “Many creators feel that advertising review is a headache at first, but later realize that this is actually evading the legal minefields and blind spots of advertising that they don’t understand at all. Above this bottom line, the ceiling of creation is very high.” .

The huge star map has a deeper meaning for the growth of talents, which is to help them realize their own value.

In the past two years, the ruffian who has rapidly become a fan has been trying to create various types of content such as automobiles, fashion, and pan-entertainment. With his personal charm, he has gained a large number of fans with strong stickiness, and the ratio of males and females is balanced. It has created excellent conditions for her commercialization.

However, in the early days, because they did not understand the market quotation of short video marketing and did not sign up with MCN, the ruffians had a vague understanding of the value of their own content, and could only gain a million fans a week through tentative pricing through communication with friends around them. Her initial quotation for a business order was even less than 10,000 yuan , “later set it to 20,000, and received more than a dozen orders.”

With the continuous improvement of the huge star map capabilities, creators can see a clearer value tiering system and subdivision indicators on the platform, based on their own content value, commercial value, and willingness and ability to realize content and monetization. In terms of pricing, ruffian youth has gradually become the top two super-head creators in the resident talent value list, and can even respond to fans’ requests and choose brands to customize commercial content.

With the help of the platform, the commercialization thinking of the top talents is also constantly evolving. On the road of “professionalization”, they have transitioned from “Internet celebrities” to professional advertising service agencies.

During the interview, Zhou Xiaonao showed Marketing Yuzijiang his “topics bank” in the memo on his mobile phone, which included hundreds of content ideas and draft scripts. As the head creator of the small theater track, he made it clear that he would leave the best ideas and the transition and climax of the continuous plot to commercial content.

At the same time, Zhou Xiaonao’s team will also regularly launch the “DOU+” tool to heat up content, align the playback volume of all works, and increase the average playback volume of business orders in a targeted manner, investing millions of yuan every year. Because of this, Pinduoduo, Tmall, Dewu and other large Internet platforms are his long-term customers.

In the future, the methodology accumulated by these top creators will be further absorbed by the huge number of star maps, and internalized into new product capabilities and courses, which will be used to improve the commercialization ability of waist masters with 100,000 to 1 million fans, even for Creators who are not good at live broadcast e-commerce can still influence consumer decisions from the perspective of “fancy planting grass”, helping brands to accumulate brand equity and user stickiness through multiple categories of content.

Talking about the commercialization ability and value of the huge star map, the person in charge of the relevant business said to Marketing Yuzijiang:

“As a platform, we have a formed strategy to control commercial content and avoid harming the user experience. Shangdan can help experts try new content, tracks and paths, and we will also help them break through bottlenecks in creation and monetization. So that they don’t have to worry about receiving business orders, users will not like it, because users also hope that their favorite talents can have income, and the environment provided by the huge star map is still very forgiving.”