5 car colors are available, and you can buy the new Polo Plus for only 90,900 yuan

The reversing image is highly practical, and the 23 Polo Plus models and cool kits have soared since the beginning of this year, from upstream raw material prices to end-to-end new energy vehicle price increases, “price increase” has become the most unforgettable word throughout the entire new energy vehicle industry chain. For the power battery giant CATL, the rising price of lithium carbonate, the main raw material, has become a huge constraint on improving profitability. At the beginning of 2021, the price of lithium carbonate was only about 50,000 yuan per ton. In the first quarter of this year, the standard price rose to 500,000 yuan per ton. After a slight correction in the second quarter, the price of lithium phosphate started a rising cycle again. New high. According to data from the China Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, the sales of power batteries are far higher than the installed capacity, which undoubtedly exposes the anxiety of new energy vehicle companies trying to gain a firm position in the market. It is this anxiety that has raised the price of upstream lithium resources and power batteries, and car companies can only pay for it.

Compared with new energy vehicles, the state of fuel vehicles is much “normal”, not only stable, but also cost-effective. The latest 2023 Polo Plus launched by SAIC Volkswagen is a good example. The price remains unchanged. 90,900-124,900 yuan.

Brand new color for improved recognition

23 Polo Plus models were launched, and the most obvious change was the launch of 5 trendy car colors: sea salt gray, peach red, lime green, honey pomelo gold and confession. And different car colors can also be matched with corresponding gold, silver and red interior trim panels, allowing consumers to feel a personalized service experience.

The many cool kits on the body can also add a lot of movement to the car, especially the cool black sports spoiler, which not only improves the recognition of the rear, but also reduces the lift at the rear of the vehicle, ensuring the stability of the body when driving at high speeds. sex.

Practical assisted driving function to improve safety

Delicate and compact cars can drive more flexibly on crowded urban roads. The 23 Polo Plus models not only have obvious advantages in terms of stature, but are also equipped with practical functions such as a hidden parking rearview image system and a front safety assist system. , when parking or driving on congested roads, the safety is higher.

Many people need to pay special attention when driving at low speed in the community, and need to beware of pedestrians or non-motor vehicles that suddenly come out. The safety assistance system of 23 Polo Plus models can monitor whether there are people or moving objects that endanger the safety of driving around the vehicle, and the car will take emergency braking when necessary to avoid danger.

The Polo family has always been very popular in my country, and the assisted driving function of the 23 Polo Plus models has also been upgraded, allowing consumers to feel the full sincerity of the 23 Polo Plus models, expecting it to become a popular model in the small car industry.