4 skins of “Chicken Eater” coming back! Different species, same location!

Pragmatic, not exaggerated! I am your little intelligence expert, smiling tenfold. Although the Peace Elite at this stage still has the label of eating chicken, the method of maintaining the popularity has changed from the gameplay to the new and return of military supplies. After all, in this era of skyrocketing mobile games, attracting gold is the final choice!

As we all know, whenever the news of the return of the Peace Elite comes out, it will attract a lot of attention! Now 4 high-quality skins are about to return in the near future. Although the types of military supplies are different, they will return in the same position! Let’s find out together!

The first set: EVA joint name (Mantis)

From the soaring popularity on May 20, to the official announcement of the return on September 30, and to the maintenance of the event in early October, the mantis army has experienced too much turnover, and now it is finally scheduled for October under the mechanism of robbing accounts. Back on the morning of the 30th!

Although the setting of the return is relatively harsh, for many long-awaited players, it can be described as the most “conscience” event! The military supplies who have a high demand for returning to the field will be limited for a limited time when they return to the field for the first time, and they will become more and more “unscrupulous” in the follow-up. This is what we call “wool”, so it is not recommended for everyone to stay up all night and wait for the return!

The second set: AW joint name

The alanwalker co-branded fashion is the dark horse of the 520 Peace Store. At that time, the limited-time limited mechanism made many players who participated in the event very annoyed. However, after a certain fish opened the elite manual, this set of fashion will be replenished every Saturday, and the popularity will also follow. It’s getting lower and lower.

The joint name of AW is a typical return to the market. Although it is different from Mantis, it has recently returned to the same live broadcast platform. Of course, Mantis is the first time to return in history, and AW is replenishing! If you guys really want to participate in this event, then it is recommended that you choose AW, after all, the Blind Box Quartermaster will return to the game in the future!

The third set: Galaxy Rover

Xinghe Wanderer debuted in a certain tooth’s Peace Store, and later became a frequent visitor to such return activities. The label of “rare” has now been removed. After all, many small partners have already started, and then the marketing method of scouring wool has been used. It’s hard to work!

I personally bought this set of clothes at the Peace Store in 520. Although the golden hoodie is very handsome, it does not help Goufen in any way! Therefore, ashes are still accumulating in the warehouse at present, here I would like to praise the Snow Mountain Elite again.

Set 4: Devilman Spider

The Devilman Spider is a secondary suit in the Pumpkin Knights. At the beginning, it was favored by players because of the blessing of small wings! There are already many such designs among the peace elites at this stage, especially the cold light messenger that has been put on the shelves recently, with a small white skirt and white wings, which are easier to make people excited than this one.

Personal suggestion, if your friends don’t like this kind of dark skin, and don’t want to waste time on the return of a certain fish’s elite manual, it is better to wait for the return event of Double Eleven! After all, it has been a long time since the return event was launched in the game!

All in all, these 4 skins will return on a certain fish platform, except that the much-anticipated EVA joint name is returning for the first time, the rest will be replenished! As a smart player, the best choice is still “knowing to give up”.

The above is all the content of this issue. Have you made an appointment with Mantis? What do you think of these 3 skins that are replenished? Welcome to leave a message to share! Thank you for reading, looking forward to the encouragement and attention at the end of the article, we will see you in the comment area! #Peace Elite#