4. Sharing of dressing skills at the age of 50

If women in their 40s and 50s don’t want to spend more money, they can look for those particularly classic clothes, which can often withstand the test of time and show a lasting effect. The following three jackets can be used in autumn, without too many scruples, practical and generous.

Knitted cardigan feels great

People will always like those items that are comfortable to touch and control, and knitted cardigans will become a highly respected existence by the public. If you pursue a personalized effect in color selection, you can choose blue cardigan items. Complete some elegant and simple dresses.

For example, this blue short knitted cardigan will retain the effect of lengthening the body curve, but the premise is that it must be matched with longer pants or skirts to achieve the effect of lengthening the legs. In terms of the specific coordination of clothing, you may wish to take a white inner layer, especially a white T-shirt and white shirt, and the appearance of the shape will be more refreshing.

Among the many knitted sweaters, in addition to the most basic black and white that are worth trying, blue is also a major color that everyone can’t miss. Its unique clean appearance can also make people more favored and trusted in it.

Like this simple blue cardigan, it’s a short one, so there’s no shortage of compression or shortness. Superimpose a most common white shirt inside, and you can wear it to work without being obtrusive.

Knitted cardigan is always a single product that can create a sense of comfort. In the choice of color, in addition to the most refreshing blue, light purple can also be used, which is full of a gentle style.

This short purple knitted cardigan is superimposed with the same color items, which can make the color matching more streamlined and in place. The pants selected for the lower body are equally important, try not to be too narrow, so as not to have many flaws in the leg shape And expose your own shortcomings.

Denim jacket material clearance

If you want to make clothing look not too worn out for many years, you must ensure that its material is durable and durable, and denim has this advantage. You can prepare a blue denim jacket in your wardrobe. It is rarely outdated, and it can also properly remove the old-fashioned feeling on women.

Like this blue denim jacket, when it comes to spring and autumn, it is the moment when it can shine. You can choose the appropriate inner layer according to the temperature change, the temperature is not low, and the T-shirt can be used to deduce a very casual dress. When the temperature is low, it is better to switch to warm knitted items. You can also combine a black feather skirt on the lower body. The plump appearance is full of the version of the clothing, and it looks quite dignified and elegant.

The blue denim jacket should also be regarded as a major item that many women will start with. Its material is good and the quality is good. Whether it is matched with trousers or a skirt, it can form a very age-reducing look.

The version of this blue denim jacket will be slightly shorter, and it will not feel difficult to wear. A white T-shirt is superimposed on it to collide with a cleaner color scheme. The skirt on the lower body has a very autumn atmosphere, and it has an optimized effect on the leg shape. Stepping on a pair of small white shoes is full of youthfulness.

No matter the length of the blue denim jacket, it can show a similar weakening effect on age, so that the overall state of women can maintain a sense of vitality and youthful taste.

In order to make the color matching easier, you can use the color system between the inside and outside to make the dress look more advanced. Use the combination of blue denim jacket and blue shirt, and let the hem of the shirt hang down at will. Very casual atmosphere.

Suits are inclusive of body shape

Different from all kinds of outerwear items that can create soft features, suits have always been the representative of tough style, but it can also show the characteristics of relaxation and leisure from time to time, it depends entirely on how women play with this item.

In order to enhance the value of the single product, let the clothing be worn in the combination or match with trousers and skirts without too much restraint, and try to use those color-based and inclusive suits as much as possible. Like this dark gray suit, it can be paired with wide-leg trousers of the same color to present a very aura dress, without high requirements for a woman’s figure.

For women in their 40s and 50s, they can target those classic clothes when choosing coats, and suits are undoubtedly the ones that the public especially likes and trusts. Dressing and matching will not be complicated or become a major headache for everyone.

Like this small black suit, its combination is also very simple and smooth. The use of the same color over-the-knee dress presents a large area of ​​dark color, which will have the ultimate modification effect on the figure. But it is also possible to usher in a full sense of dullness. It is better to use a necklace or a silk scarf on the neck. The more prominent the local color enhancement effect, the more the matching impasse can be broken.

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