4 misconceptions that will make you lose weight

Lose weight and lose weight, why do you lose weight more and more? If you have encountered such a situation, it may be the following four wrong concepts at work. Fat friends, come and take a seat.

1. To lose weight, as long as the weight reaches the target?

Fact: Achieving your weight doesn’t mean you’ve lost weight. Some people are of normal weight and still look fat, but some people, such as fitness trainers in the gym, may be overweight, but they are definitely in better shape than you. This is because – the same fat and muscle, the former is much larger than the latter, if the weight is in the normal range, but the body is very bloated, it means that you have not lost fat at all.

Therefore, weight loss can not only focus on weight, the key is to look at body fat content, that is, body fat percentage. Or by regularly monitoring the measurements (such as waist circumference), this is the most intuitive result.

2. Can you lose weight just by exercising?

Fact: You can’t lose weight by just exercising. The reason is very simple, the body is very smart, if you exercise more, the body will “tell” you to eat more, and many people clearly do not exercise up to the standard, but they will have a “compensatory mentality” after exercising, feeling that exercise is too hard, Then start eating too much, if you are not careful, your calorie intake will exceed the standard.

In addition, most people’s exercise consumption and dietary intake are often not proportional. Maybe you only consume hundreds of calories after exercising for an hour. However, as long as you eat a small piece of dessert, your exercise results may be affected. offset.

So the key to losing weight is to control your diet. Don’t act like a tiger, but keep your mouth shut.

3. Can you lose weight by eating only vegetables?

The truth: eating only vegetables when losing weight will cause malnutrition and is not conducive to weight loss. Moreover, not all vegetables are suitable for eating more when losing weight, such as lotus root, corn, yam, etc. These vegetables are actually staple foods. If there are already staple foods in the dinner, these vegetables should be eaten less, otherwise it is equivalent to Ate a double main.

Suggestion: Whether you are fat or thin has nothing to do with what you eat. In one sentence, it depends on how much you eat. Therefore, first of all, we must control the total daily intake and optimize the diet structure at the same time.

Fourth, crunches can thin the belly?

Fact: If you have a lot of belly fat, doing too many crunches will only make your belly bigger. The reason is very simple, there is no local fat reduction, fat reduction and whole body reduction; movements such as crunches exercise the abdominal muscles, and the fat burning effect is very limited.

Suggestion: Instead of crunching a lot, it is better to run and dance more, these aerobic exercises can help you burn fat. When the body fat is reduced, the abdominal fat will also be reduced, and the belly will be thin.