388 meters! The tallest building completed in China this year is it

On October 26, the CTBUH 2022 Global Conference opened in Shenzhen City Pulse Center. At the conference, CTBUH officially certified the city center as “the tallest building built in China in 2022” and “the second tallest building built in the world in 2022”.

Founded in the United States in 1969, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world’s leading non-profit organization focusing on the concept, design, construction and operation of tall buildings and future cities. According to the official data of CTBUH, the city pulse center is not only “the tallest building built in China in 2022” and “the second tallest building built in the world in 2022”, but also ranks 42nd in the world’s skyscrapers.

According to the data, the city center is located at the golden junction of Luohu and Futian double centers, interconnecting Metro Line 7/9. The project is 388 meters high, with a total construction area of ​​about 180,000 square meters, 70 floors above ground and 7 floors underground.

The city vein center brings together the global master team. Among them, the architectural design is written by the world-renowned super high-rise creator KPF. Design Director Josh Chaiken started from paying homage to the spirit of Shenzhen, and gave the building iconic rigid edges and an aggressive attitude towards the sky. In addition, the leaders in various fields such as AECOM, WSP, TT, ALT, LPA, RWDI, CCAT, Shengmeihua, CTG, SCDA, CCD, JLL, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, etc., have injected new ideas from Shenzhen to the new cover building in Shenzhen. The world’s cutting-edge wisdom and technology.

With the full cooperation of the global team, the city center has contributed a lot of innovations to the development of super high-rise buildings: for example, the innovative application of double-layer six tuned liquid dampers in the super high-rise has made the city center a global wind vibration center. One of the most comfortable comprehensive buildings; rare use of electric opening windows in super high-rise buildings, and the design of ultra-large panoramic balconies, bringing a good experience of natural comfort; the building has also obtained the global LEED+WELL double-gold building standard Pre-certification and China Green Building 2-star certification.

As a benchmark for business in the Bay Area, the city pulse center not only endows buildings with connotative value in terms of shape design, construction skills, green technology, etc., but also endows buildings with connotative value in space design, humanistic concepts, and service ecology.

The office space in the city center can be as long as 28 meters without blocking the view, which can meet the needs of headquarters enterprises for space utilization and office flexibility.

44 KONE elevators imported from Finland, equipped with intelligent dispatching system, can reach the destination floor without transfer, making daily commute efficient and unobstructed; the central landscape square with the theme of “Urban Zhedie” created by AECOM of the United States is invited to protect the physical and mental health of enterprise employees. Work happiness.

At present, the global investment promotion of the city center has been launched. The 388-meter Skyline Headquarters Superbody will attract global high-quality industries, well-known enterprises and elite talents to gather here, fully release the value of the city cover, and become another driving force for urban development.