350 kilometers per hour! Layong high-speed railway track laying runs through the whole line

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 26th (Reporter Wang Lianxiang) According to the China Railway WeChat public account, at 9:00 on May 19th, a WZ500 ballastless track was laid at the junction of the newly built Lairong high-speed railway and the existing Laixi Station. The unit moved forward slowly, and the last two 500-meter-long steel rails fell steadily, marking the successful completion of the Lairong high-speed rail long rail laying, and a big step forward to realize the opening goal as scheduled.

The main line of the Lairong high-speed railway has a total length of 192.814 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. After more than two years of construction, the construction of long track laying has been fully launched since April 1 this year. The track laying unit continued to advance the laying progress by adopting the laying method of two lines and two machines in the same direction. After successfully connecting with the existing Rongcheng Station on May 10, it immediately organized laying in the direction of Laixi, and successfully connected the existing Laixi Station on May 19. station, and successfully completed the track laying task of the entire line of long tracks.

According to the construction organization plan, after the Lairong high-speed railway has completed the laying of the long rails, it will continue to complete the rail welding, release, locking and track fine adjustment of the whole line, and carry out the static acceptance work of the whole line, creating favorable conditions for the opening and operation.

It is reported that after the Lairong high-speed railway is completed, it will form a fast passenger transport channel around the Jiaodong Peninsula together with the Weilai high-speed railway and the Qingrong Intercity Railway. The integrated development of the region and other regions in the province is of great significance.