3000 price mobile phone recommendation: high performance and large memory, the experience is comparable to the flagship phone

  The annual Double Eleven Shopping Carnival is in full swing, and some students must have already placed a lot of orders. And many people will take advantage of the Double Eleven discount and want to replace a mobile phone for themselves or their relatives and friends, so the editor will recommend three mobile phone products today. Taking into account the service life and cost-effectiveness of the mobile phone, the editor chose a product of about 3,000 yuan, which is basically a sub-flagship product of each company. The performance is relatively balanced in all aspects, and the price is in line with most people’s expectations.

  OPPO Reno8 Pro+

  The current official price: 8GB+256GB is priced at 3399 yuan; 12GB+256GB is priced at 3999 yuan.

  Appearance design: OPPO Reno8 Pro+ offers three simple color options: Xiaoyao Green, Roaming Gray, and Dark Surge Black. The back adopts a streamer dual-mirror design, and the camera module is solidified on the back of the phone like a stream of clouds, and it is integrated without any breakpoints. The middle frame is made of aviation-grade metal material, with a 2.5D micro-arc design, which is sturdy and resistant to falling and comfortable to hold. The overall weight of the fuselage remains at 183g and the thickness of 7.34mm, and the visual sense is also extremely thin.

  Basic configuration: The blessing of Dimensity 8100-MAX and 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED ultra-clear screen makes the performance and display of OPPO Reno8 Pro+ better, and the control of power consumption is also quite good, bringing a wonderful gaming experience. At the same time, it is equipped with a large 4500mAh battery and a long-life version of 80W super flash charge, which can be fully charged in about 36 minutes, and the charging and battery life are comparable to flagship phones.

  Image parameters: rear 50 million wide-angle main camera + 8 million super wide-angle + 2 million pixel macro triple camera, front 32 million pixels and OPPO’s first self-developed image dedicated NPU chip Mariana MariSilicon X and other software and hardware, OPPO Reno8 Pro+ is not afraid of strong light, dark light and backlight, and can easily freeze the picture, and the AI ​​noise reduction effect under 4K night scene video is also excellent.

  OnePlus Ace Pro

  The current official price: 12GB+256GB is priced at 3299 yuan; 16GB+256GB is priced at 3499 yuan; 16GB+512GB is priced at 3999 yuan; Yuanshen limited edition is priced at 4299 yuan.

  Appearance design: OnePlus Ace Pro offers three color options: Qingwu, Hessen, and Yuanshen Limited Edition. Qingwu uses a new blue-glazed glass process, which has both a ceramic texture and a warm feel; Hessen uses a new diamond-engraved double AG. The glass craftsmanship is smooth and slightly frosted, and there are hidden gratings in the frosting; the limited edition of Yuanshen is deeply customized with the walnut theme, integrating the dual technology of the integrated continuous curved glass technology and the third-generation silk glass technology, so that the texture and feel can kill two birds with one stone.

  Basic configuration: OnePlus Ace Pro relies on the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, the full-blooded version of LPDDR5, and the new Ice Vessel Snow Mountain cooling system. Its performance is comparable to high-end flagships, and it is no problem to run large-scale games easily. The blessing of the 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED screen also allows it to obtain a good display effect. In addition, the OnePlus Ace Pro is also equipped with a 4800mAh battery and 150W fast charging. The charging capacity even exceeds the level of the flagship machine, so the battery life experience will not be bad.

  Image parameters: 50-megapixel OIS main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2-megapixel macro lens, rear three-camera camera module, with 32-megapixel front, the image level of OnePlus Ace Pro is enough to meet users’ daily needs Need to help users freeze a clear and pure picture.

  iQOO Neo7

  The current official price: 8GB+128GB is priced at 2699 yuan; 8GB+256GB is priced at 2999 yuan; 12GB+256GB is priced at 3299 yuan; 12GB+512GB is priced at 3599 yuan.

  Appearance design: iQOO Neo7 provides three colors: geometric black, pop orange, and impression blue. The back is integrated with geometric figures and emotional pixels. With the back cover of contrasting colors, the collision between reality and virtuality creates infinite imagination. In terms of material, the geometric black is made of AG glass, and the impression blue and pop orange are made of plain leather, and the weight is controlled at 197g. The touch is light and handy, and users have more choices.

  Basic configuration: iQOO Neo7, with Dimensity 9000+, independent display chip Pro+ and 6.78-inch 120Hz E5 OLED screen, has ranked first in the industry in performance, and has a symmetrical dual X-axis linear motor and dual control pressure under the screen. , is a flagship experience in terms of gaming. At the same time, the blessing of the 5000mAh battery and 120W fast charge also greatly improves the battery life of iQOO Neo7, making it stable and playing for a long time.

  Image parameters: 50-megapixel ultra-high-definition main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2-megapixel macro lens, rear three-camera camera module, 16-megapixel front single camera, and OIS optical image stabilization and other configurations, iQOO Neo7 is in motion, It can easily take clear pictures in night scenes, long exposures and other environments.

  In terms of purchase recommendations, if you have the ultimate pursuit of performance or games, you can choose iQOO Neo7 or OnePlus Ace Pro; if you value mobile phone imaging capabilities and have a high demand for portrait shooting, then OPPO Reno8 Pro+ may be more suitable for you. In addition, in the choice of memory, considering that there is indeed “memory anxiety” today, it is recommended to choose the 256GB version, and the final price can also be controlled at around 3,000 yuan. At present, these three mobile phones are in the double eleven special period, students who need it can consider it.