2D action-adventure The Tower: The Legend of Ina is now available on PS4

2D action-adventure The Tower: The Legend of Ina is now available on PS4

Publisher Untold Tales and developer Wondernaut Studio have released the PlayStation 4 version of the 2D action-adventure game The Tower: The Legend of Ina for $12.99 via the PlayStation Store.

Towers: The Legend of Ina debuted on the Xbox One, Switch, and PC Steam stores on December 17.

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game introduction:

Sleeping Ina has been dreaming eternal dreams in the tower. But for some reason, she suddenly woke up. Now Ina must find her way out of the tower and find out the truth about her captivity.

On this journey, she will witness beautiful scenery, meet elusive characters, solve ingenious mysteries and overcome the action scenes that follow, but as she gradually gets closer to the truth, she will also step away from innocence.

But this is not a story about Ina being saved. This is a story about a young girl’s journey to discover her potential.

Game Features: Explore unpredictable towers

Traverse beautifully complex levels in a mysterious side-scrolling action game, each with a unique flavor. Every region has secrets waiting for you to unravel.

Fascinating story

Ina’s dreams shape reality, and that is the food for the tower. Hopes and fantasies satisfy its appetite. But how exactly are the two connected?

Meet the tower dwellers

Learn about the other inhabitants of the tower as you search for the truth. Gain insight into their past and memories to help them find relief.

Manipulate the soul

It was no accident that Ina was imprisoned here, her power resonating with the spirits that dwell in the tower. Use this power to manipulate objects, solve puzzles, reveal hidden passages and travel around until you find your way out.