2022 Yard Celebration, see you at Yanqi Lake!

The first Yanqi Youth Forum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will open on November 1

The “First Yanqi Youth Forum” will be held at Yanqi Lake in Huairou, Beijing from November 1st to November 2nd, 2022.

Yanqi Youth Forum is an annual high-end academic forum for young scientists initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the theme of “Enlightenment, Exploration, and Breakthrough”, it focuses on national strategic needs and major scientific frontier issues. Innovation and cutting-edge intersect, condensingly put forward major scientific issues in cutting-edge research. The theme of the first Yanqi Youth Forum is “Exploring the Frontier Scientific Research Paradigm Driven by Data and Intelligence” , focusing on the paradigm change of scientific research driven by data and artificial intelligence.

The forum includes four sub-forums including the main forum and the new paradigm of basic disciplines driven by big data and intelligence, artificial intelligence algorithms and common technologies, deep integration of BT and IT innovation, and artificial intelligence-driven dual-carbon strategy. Well-known experts, leading companies and outstanding young scientists introduced the progress and trends in the field. Representatives of young scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be invited to participate in this forum and make reports and exchanges. They will focus on how to use artificial intelligence methods and tools to carry out research on the frontier scientific research paradigm driven by data and intelligence based on their personal research fields, major research progress and achievements. Research work, as well as the innovative thinking, challenges and problems that need to be solved in the process.