2022 World Championship Semifinals Preview: JDG vs T1

October 30th match preview JDG vs T1 semi-final matchup! Can JDG defeat the old LCK team T1 with the hope of the LPL division and advance to the final? In the battle between the two top top laners, 369 and Zeus, who will prevail?  

JDG and T1 both won 3-0 in the knockout rounds. Both teams are in a very hot competitive state and their strengths are very close. JDG, who is good at teamfights, has the highest average damage, while T1’s early data is more advantageous, the average time per game is shorter, and the snowball ability is extremely strong. The game between the junglers on both sides will also determine the direction of the game. Kanavi is the core of JDG, with the highest share of the economy, and the average damage is also much ahead of Oner, and Oner’s hero choices are more diverse and more functional. character of.

JDG starter

T1 starter

The number of times JDG has participated in the global finals

T1 participation in the global finals

Team data

Whether JDG can overcome the strong enemy and go further, let us wait and see.