2022 We. Gamer Day Western Digital High School Challenge – Autumn

2022 We. Gamer Day Western Digital High School Challenge – Autumn

The three regional finals battle is coming

We. Gamer Day Western Digital Open Black Challenge is a college e-sports event officially authorized by League of Legends and created by Western Digital’s high-end game brand WD_BLACK. After 93 fierce auditions and promotions, October 30, November On the 5th and November 6th, there will be three regional finals, watch the live broadcast, win the grand prize, and let’s open the black together! Huya’s exclusive live broadcast, room number: 1547032.

【Regional Finals Schedule Preview】

High energy ahead, pay special attention!

Benefit 1: H5 calls online and participates in the lottery to win rich e-sports awards

Friends outside the venue can scan the QR code above to log in to the H5 interactive page, call for the team of your heart and participate in the lottery! The most popular teams will win huge e-sports awards.

Benefit 2: Go to Huya to watch the live broadcast of the game and win the grand prize

The regional final will be broadcast live in Huya’s exclusive live room (room number: 15470329). Watch the live broadcast and participate in the online lottery. It’s better to act GOGOGO! Everyone, act now!

Benefit 3: Go to JD.com, rush for the same e-sports goodies https://pro.m.jd.com/mall/active/4Mr2nVJvFBamXp5kGLSjYqbs1e7R/index.html

(If you can’t put the link, change the link to: Search the flagship store of Western Digital JD.com, and get the same e-sports equipment for the game.)

The South China Finals is about to start, and the battle is imminent. What awaits the warriors will be the collision of hard core strength and the competition of smooth operation. WD_BLACK is full of firepower, and the benefits are endless. The three champions of the spring split, who can break through the siege in the national finals, and win the national championship of the 2022 We. Gamer Day Western Digital Black Challenge? See you on October 30th, November 5th, November 6th!