2022 Jiaren Continuous Innovation Top 100 Awards, Calling for New Vitality

In this visual processing of the 100 Best Awards,

It also follows the cycle concept, portrait photography and still life photography,

Jiaren also moved environmental protection art and environmental protection innovative materials into it,

You’ll see artists turn materials such as old clothes into stunning pieces,

We will also see marine plastics, plastic bottle caps and other rubbish turned back into colorful items.

The most concerned environmental issues are expressed with different makeup styles.

We hope to arouse our yearning for a beautiful new life with vision.

Knitted skirt, hollow vest and stockings are all RUI

 marine protection 

Inspired by the ocean, we decorated the models’ faces and bodies with teardrop-like decorations, as if the ocean was crying silently. Some scientists predict that, if development continues, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Knitted skirt, hollow vest and stockings are all RUI

Installation: “Snow Mountain and Cloud Top” chair by artist Zhilin

 Sewage Disposal 

Water is a limited resource, and where it will go after it is used has become an issue that human beings all over the world need to pay attention to. We use the ink splashes on the faces and bodies of models to represent polluted water resources, and many factories and brands are building sewage treatment facilities and better recycling programs to help water sources reintegrate into nature.

Printing and dyeing ‍Silk long skirt OUDE WAAG

Braided Agate Necklace PROCEED

 Empty bottle plastic recycling 

Disposal of empty plastic bottles happens every day, and a sustainable empty bottle program is imminent. We use plastic-like decorations on the makeup to remind everyone that caring for the earth is caring for our skin and life.

White transparent three-dimensional skirt dress LOEWE


Metal Clavicle Necklace ANCYMOO

  animal protection 

Many skincare brands have moved to replace animal-based ingredients in their formulations with plant-derived ingredients. The earth is made up of different creatures. Protecting animals is also protecting a complete homeland.

Cashmere and leather jacket CELINE BY HEDI SLIMANE

 old clothes 

The global purchase of clothing is increasing, and the recycling of idle clothing can avoid secondary pollution caused by incineration or landfill after clothing is discarded. Extending the life of unused clothing, or donating it to those in need, is everyone’s responsibility.

bottoming shirt FENDI

Knitted vest NUME

Long goat hair skirt ZHONG ZIXIN

  organic regeneration 

The trend of using waste materials to process, create new materials, and then make new products is gradually emerging. Recycled plastic, seaweed, milk cartons, marine litter, these unexpected waste materials can be reborn as new furniture.

Water ripple tube top, color matching curved skirt ZHONG ZIXIN


Installation: “Heart of the Earth” by artist Zhilin

 electronic scrap 

With the development of science and technology, more and more people have increased demand for electronic products, and electronic waste has also been derived. It is particularly important to extract precious metals from these materials to become secondary resources. The artist Zhilin traveled to recycling sites and garbage stations, collected the host chip, and made this unique sofa, implementing his grotesque and romantic idea of ​​using waste materials to reshape things.

Yellow and white color sleeveless dress, light leather corset LOEWE

Installation: “Old Playing Bucket” by artist Zhilin

 recyclable land 

To restore the health of the soil and protect the natural biodiversity of the soil can grow moving seeds. We adorned the models’ faces with golden grains of rice, a symbol of life blooming in healthy soil.


Coordinator / Chen Mo 

Editor/Chen Mo, Xu Lin 

Producer / Deng Zilin 

Opening character photography / Pei Tongtong 

Still Life Photography / Dong Wei 

Model/Wang Haorin (Star Force Model) 

Makeup Artist/JOLIN 

Hairstylist / Ke Wei Tao @HairPro Studio 

Stylist / Yida 

Editorial Assistant/Ding Yiming 

Special thanks / Zhilin