2022 “Guardian Action” carbon neutral science popularization activity officially launched with prizes for answering questions waiting for you

In recent years, if you don’t know what “carbon neutrality” is, then you are out! But the knowledge of “carbon neutrality” is very complicated and boring. How can you easily become a “carbon neutral” expert in the eyes of your friends?

In August 2022, under the guidance of the Department of Science, Technology and Climate Change of the China Meteorological Administration, and the Department of Ecological Protection and Restoration of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, hosted by the National Climate Center, China Green Carbon Foundation, Huafeng Meteorological Media Group, and Tencent, China Weather Network, The 2022 “Guardian Action” carbon neutral science popularization activity organized by Tencent Carbon Neutrality Laboratory was officially launched. A large number of activities have also started to be launched one after another.

In order to facilitate everyone to learn about carbon neutrality every day in the easiest way, we have specially developed the “Guardian Action” carbon neutrality popular science applet. On September 28, this small program has officially met with you! Here, not only can you easily get “carbon neutrality” knowledge, but you can also win mysterious prizes!

In order to meet everyone’s different learning needs, the “Guardian Action” carbon neutral science popularization applet contains a variety of content, including popular science knowledge answers, popular science videos and industry information.

In the answering section, there are popular science questions on the theme of “climate change, ecological environment, double carbon” carefully designed by authoritative experts in the industry. Each person can answer 5 questions per day, and each correct answer to a question can get 1 point. The difficulty level of these questions varies. After each question is answered, there is an answer analysis. Regardless of the correct answer, you can learn knowledge by answering the questions.

In the video section, we not only invited industry leaders, experts and academicians to record the “Carbon Neutrality Master Lecture Hall”, but also elaborately produced interesting “Carbon Neutrality Popular Science Animation”. Whether you just want to briefly understand the basic concepts of carbon neutrality, have an entry-level understanding of carbon neutrality, or want to learn some of the latest and most authoritative content in the industry, you can find what you want here. . Of course, you can earn 5 points for every video you watch!

In addition, in the information section, you can also read authoritative information and popular science articles about industry content, and you can also get bonus points for reading punch cards.

With the applet, you will no longer have to face boring knowledge, and it will not take up a long time. By completing the “Pick-in” task every day, you can become a carbon neutral expert in the eyes of your friends and get the honorary certificate of “Low-Carbon Guardian”. In addition, after reaching a certain number of points, you can also get exclusive limited-edition mysterious prizes carefully prepared by the organizer, which will definitely make your heart beat!

As long as you move your fingers every day, you can learn carbon neutrality knowledge, get certificates and gifts, and call friends in various sharing, and become a “carbon neutral expert” in the circle of friends! Such a good thing, why don’t you join in quickly? You can find us by searching the applet “Guardian Action Carbon Neutral Science Popularization” or clicking the QR code below. Hurry up and get on the bus and become a “carbon neutral” expert together!