2022 China Oncology Congress will be held in Hangzhou next month, nearly 50 academicians will attend the meeting

From November 17th to 20th, the 2022 China Oncology Conference (CCO) will be held in Hangzhou, hosted by the China Anti-Cancer Association and organized by Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, the Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, the Provincial Cancer Foundation, and the China Institute of Integrative Medicine Development Strategy. . The conference was founded by the China Anti-Cancer Association in 2000 and has been held for 13 sessions. It is a highly influential academic event in the field of oncology in China.

The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) learned from the organizer of the conference on October 29 that the theme of this conference is “Tumor prevention and treatment, win in integration”, and there will be nearly 50 academicians and more than 2,000 top domestic medical experts. Organizing more than 150 various academic venues, focusing on the themes, focusing on cutting-edge perspectives such as tumor integrated medicine, precision medicine, and translational medicine, and jointly presenting an academic feast.

Regarding the theme of this conference, Professor Cheng Xiangdong, Executive Chairman of the China Oncology Conference and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, said that for tumor treatment, it is necessary to integrate the current excellent technologies and drugs, adopt a more scientific and precise individualized treatment model, and provide the best medical services to improve patient outcomes. At the same time, early tumor screening is very important, which is directly related to patient survival and prognosis. Therefore, the public needs to understand and pay attention to early screening.