2022 China Information and Communication Conference will be held in Chengdu on November 7

Cover reporter Ma Mengfei

On October 28, the reporter learned from the press briefing of the 2022 China Information and Communication Conference that the “2022 China Information and Communication Conference” will be held in Chengdu from November 7 to November 9 for three days.

It is reported that this conference is guided by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, and is jointly sponsored by the China Communications Society, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, the Sichuan Provincial Communications Administration, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, and the Sichuan Provincial Association for Science and Technology. With the theme of “Technology Leading Innovation, 5G Empowering China”, the conference set up the opening ceremony and academician keynote speech, Internet architecture and technology conference, cutting-edge technology report, scientific and technological achievements docking activities and a number of offline hot technology conferences.

At the meeting, Wen Jian, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Institute of Communications, introduced that this conference focuses on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G/6G, quantum communication, blockchain, and defense communication. It will further promote the high-quality development of the local digital economy industry.

In addition, Wen Jian said that the China Information and Communication Conference is a comprehensive annual meeting of the China Institute of Communications. It has invited associations of societies, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and key enterprises to jointly hold it, bringing together the forces of all parties and jointly creating a far-reaching impact in the field of digital economy. national event. Through a series of activities such as cutting-edge reports in the field of information and communication, release of scientific and technological achievements, and policy interpretation, this conference will promote innovative cooperation in industry, academia, and research, strive to achieve practical results, and provide strong support for high-quality social and economic development.

It is reported that the China Information and Communication Conference has been held in Chengdu for the fourth consecutive year. The conference insists on grasping the development opportunities of the new generation of information and communication technology, focusing on the actual development of Sichuan industry, focusing on the next generation of mobile communication, the next generation of Internet, 6G, quantum communication, advanced computing to carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in key areas such as energy and satellite Internet, as well as in key areas such as smart energy and smart cities, to promote the in-depth integration of new developments in the digital field with new economic and social needs, and to build a strong network province and a digital Sichuan in an all-round way. The high ground for the development of the digital economy provides strong support.