2022 Changsha Marathon changed from offline to online Organizing Committee: is communicating with sponsors for solutions

On the afternoon of October 28th, the 2022 Changsha Marathon Organizing Committee announced on the official WeChat account “Changsha Marathon” that the 2022 Changsha Marathon originally planned to be held on November 6th will be adjusted from an offline competition to an online competition. . For runners who have successfully registered and paid the fees, they can choose to keep their qualifications until the 2023 Changsha Marathon or apply for a refund.

↑Announcement map according to the WeChat public account of Changsha Marathon

It is understood that this is not the first online marathon in Changsha. Affected by the epidemic, the Changsha Marathon in 2020 and 2021 will be held online. “Online marathons have also been held in other cities. We will publish some competition rules on a running APP, runners will register online, and upload their outdoor running tracks and results after the run. Many of the previous ones will have some medals or souvenirs. Run Friends mainly follow the rhythm of the long horse to exercise, they have no pursuit of performance, no rankings, and more on this platform, they interact with runners and focus on participation.” The relevant person in charge of the Changsha Marathon Organizing Committee was interviewed by the media. express. According to reports, the online marathon is also divided into several events, such as 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, 21.0975 kilometers for the half, and 42.195 kilometers for the whole.

As we all know, the marathon event is not only a sports event for the majority of runners, but also a good opportunity for sponsors to “reveal”. It is understood that the income source of the marathon is mainly composed of three parts: government subsidies, registration fees and sponsorship fees. Among them, sponsorship income is the main component of marathon income.

The Changsha Marathon, as the top event IP in Changsha, is self-evident in its economic value. The events and scale of the 2022 Changsha Marathon are: 8,000 people for the marathon, 12,000 people for the half-marathon, and 4,000 people for the Happy Run.

Its official website shows that the Changsha Marathon was founded in 2015. So far, it has successfully held five offline events and two online events, attracting many domestic and international long-distance running enthusiasts to participate. The level of the event has been upgraded year by year. Silver medal, gold medal event and World Athletics Federation bronze label, silver label, elite label event, and successfully selected as AIMS member unit (International Marathon and Road Running Association).

As early as August 18 this year, the registration for the Changsha Marathon was officially launched, and the investment promotion work for the event has also been fully launched. The rights and interests of Changsha Marathon to sponsors include brand authorization, official courtesy, live TV, interactive marketing, on-site advertising, supporting activities, media public relations and courtesy, etc.

Up to now, more than 20 companies including Xtep, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Changsha Branch, China Mobile, C’estbon, Kefu, Tsingtao Brewery, etc., have displayed sponsors of the 2022 Changsha Marathon on the WeChat official account. In addition, in terms of providing accommodation, the Changsha Marathon previously announced that the special service providers for this event include Kongkong Living Room, Hunan Tianxi Hotel and other hotel and homestays. 

Previously, the Changsha Marathon has announced the exposure form of the brand. Taking C’estbon as an example, according to the official WeChat account of the Changsha Marathon, as the official designated drinking water for the 2022 Changsha Marathon, China Resources C’estbon has launched customized water for the 2022 Changsha Marathon, and printed the 2022 Changsha Marathon LOGO on the body of the C’estbon pure water bottle. In the Changsha Marathon, starting from the first 5 kilometers, there will be a supply station every 2.5 kilometers until the end of the 40 kilometers. China Resources C’estbon will provide drinking water for the whole race to ensure that every participant can be timely. Add water.

Red Star News reporter Yu Yao, intern reporter Lu Yuejia

Responsible Editor Ren Zhijiang Editor Guo Yu