2,266 households in Xingyang moved back

News from our newspaper (Reporter Shi Zhiguo, correspondent Rong Gaojie and Chen Bo) Yesterday, the reporter learned from Xingyang that since the city has vigorously promoted the construction of new urbanization, Jingcheng Road Street has adhered to the guidance of party building and made efforts in the grid, adopting the “government-led, market Various transformation models such as “government-led and state-owned financing platform financing construction” actively promote the transformation of villages.

Give full play to the leading role of party building, strengthen responsibilities, and clarify tasks. The secretary of the street party working committee and the director of the office are overall responsible for the specific work of the resettlement housing project. Set up a headquarters for a project, subcontract leaders participate in the whole process, take direct responsibility, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of village group cadres, party representatives, village representatives, relevant grid leaders, and grassroots party members, mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative, and make good policies Propaganda, public explanation, demolition coordination, agreement signing, transition fee distribution, planning and design, investment promotion, construction and other work to ensure that the work in each stage of the project is in an orderly manner.

Weave a dense grassroots governance grid, create an atmosphere, and push forward vigorously. Enter villages and households, publicize and mobilize through 107 three-level grids and 456 micro-grids in the jurisdiction, explain policies, calm emotions, and create a strong atmosphere; subcontract leaders, staff and village cadres in each village eat and live in subcontracts Administrative villages, study and formulate plans, coordinate and solve various problems that arise during the demolition and reconstruction process at any time; help coordinate conflicts and disputes that arise during the demolition process, conflicts of interest and other issues that involve the vital interests of the masses, and set off a climax of renovation and construction in the jurisdiction. Ensure that the project progresses smoothly according to the node.

Up to now, Shizhai, Kangzhai, Pingzhuang, Fengzhai, Jijiazhai, Phase I of Langwo Liu, Phase I of Zhengshang Road, and Phase I of Caoli Starting Area have all been relocated, and a total of 742,600 square meters of resettlement houses have been allocated. 4,741 sets, a total of 2,266 households with 8,458 people were relocated.