17 Directly “take off”, Ah Wei ushered in the fifth anniversary of the live broadcast, everyone has a bright future

According to Xinnuo’s cousin’s reply, Xiaobei’s materials for going abroad have been made up, and he should be able to arrive before the official game starts. 17SHOU finally let go of his heart, and before the game started, Team 17 experienced a live skydive (sit Helicopter), Xiao Gui and Su Jiu didn’t go if they couldn’t get up. Looking back on 17 years, it was really not easy, and they finally managed to make it out. I hope they can have a good result.

It’s a pity that their old enemy 4AM did not qualify for the World Championship this time, which made the audience less talkative after dinner. Everyone has their own position. No matter whether they support 17 or 4AM, they should not be discriminated against. The audience can engage in opposition but You can’t attack personally. This time, 17SHOU and Ah Wei will both retire together in the World Championship. Ah Wei, who has no competition, is now very comfortable. He doesn’t need to practice pressing guns every day. The game can be played casually, and even broadcast for 21 hours. Wei’s character, he should still come out to fight.

After a period of rest, when his body is almost recovered, he should come out and try it out. He is really not suitable for live broadcasts. He is born strong like Lao Wang. Unless he wins the world championship, he will I’ll keep fighting until I really can’t do it. But in the near future, Awei will still focus on live broadcasts. According to Bee’s post, Awei will soon usher in the fifth anniversary of live broadcasts. They also prepared some “bright cards” GXT4090 for the audience.

Sending graphics cards used to be an old tradition of 4AM. I don’t know how many viewers remember that Intel was their sponsor. It’s just that the PUBG environment has not been good these years, and the 4AM team has declined, so that their sponsors have left one by one. The years of struggle between 17 and 4AM also came to an end in this World Championship. 17, who played the game, strives to get a good ranking and then retire. The live broadcaster A Wei will work hard to do a good job in the live broadcast, and everyone will have a bright future.