17 companies with a total revenue of 8.5 billion and over 100 million! Xiamen establishes game industry alliance

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Text | Liu Liu

On October 27th, 18 units including Gigabit initiated the establishment meeting of Xiamen Game Industry Alliance at Jinyan Hotel, and announced that the Xiamen Game Alliance was officially established, and Gigabit was elected as the chairman unit. The establishment of the Game Industry Alliance is to further condense the centripetal force of game companies, strengthen the industrial agglomeration effect, promote the high-quality development of Xiamen’s game industry, and promote the ecological construction of the game industry.

Xiamen Game Industry Alliance has absorbed 40 units in related fields, including game industry leading enterprises, university research institutes, and third-party institutions, and brought together the advantages of Xiamen’s game industry resources. Game industry ecology.

18 companies initiated and 40 joined Xiamen Game Industry Alliance Established 

Xiamen has always been known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” of the game industry. The industry started early and has a solid foundation for development. The game industry is an important part of Xiamen’s software and information industry. In 2021, 123 game companies will achieve a cumulative revenue of 8.5 billion yuan, of which 17 companies will exceed 100 million yuan. From here, a number of old brands such as 4399 and Gigabit have emerged, and a number of new forces such as celadon games and extreme interaction have also been incubated, and a large number of excellent works and talents have been delivered to the industry.

In recent years, taking advantage of the east wind of going overseas, Mengjia Network and Diantouch Technology have set sail, bringing “China Story” and “Xiamen Voice” to many overseas countries. The Xiamen Game Industry Alliance established this time is jointly guided by Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Siming District People’s Government, Jimei District People’s Government, Huli District People’s Government, Xiamen Torch Management Committee, etc. to promote the further development of Xiamen’s game industry. .

Xu Wengong, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Big Data Administration, attended the inaugural meeting of the game industry alliance and said in his speech: “I hope that the Xiamen game industry alliance will play the role of the alliance bridge and realize the leap-forward development of the Xiamen game industry. The committee also sent a video speech to the inaugural meeting of the Game Industry Alliance, expressing congratulations on the establishment of the alliance.

At the conference, the representative of the chairman of the alliance read out the “Xiamen Game Industry Alliance Self-discipline Convention” and released the alliance’s 2023 work plan. The experts and scholars present also focused on “game philosophy and game industry” and “game enterprises under the new situation” “Compliance and Sealing Control” etc. delivered keynote speeches, sharing their respective visions for Xiamen’s game industry.

The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said: “I hope the Xiamen Game Industry Alliance can play a role as a bridge and link, further gather all parties to join forces, and further gather various elements to build a good platform for game companies, and is committed to serving companies. Operation, guide industry self-discipline, strengthen industrial agglomeration, and promote the high-quality development of Xiamen’s game industry.”

Xiamen’s game industry has developed rapidly in recent years, giving birth to a number of major game companies such as Gigabit, driving the development of local game-related industries, and has made outstanding contributions to the export of games to overseas countries.

Gigabit and 4399 were selected as unicorn companies Xiamen has become the most potential regional center in the domestic game industry

With government guidance and generous support policies, Xiamen will make every effort to develop game-related industries in the future. Xiamen will also rely on the policy guidance of Fujian Province to actively build an ecological development circle for the game industry.

In May 2022, Siming District of Xiamen City issued the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Software and Information Service Industry in Siming District” (2022-2024). Xiamen Siming District has obvious advantages in animation games, artificial intelligence and other fields. It has cultivated 11 national-level demonstration platforms, and has Meiya Baike, one of the two listed companies in the field of global electronic data forensics; the domestic popular small game portal 43 Ninety-nine; animation and game companies with the largest user scale in the industry, Gigabit, Touch Technology, Hometown Interactive, etc.

Xiamen Siming District focuses on the development of sub-sectors such as animation games, film and television media, and digital art, and encourages enterprises to integrate Chinese culture and Chinese elements in content production, develop original digital content IP products with Fujian and Taiwan characteristics, and develop virtual tourism, Digital experience interactive service products such as scene reproduction, accelerate the development of new models such as augmented reality technology (AR), virtual reality technology (VR), cloud games, etc., help the ecological construction of the Metaverse, and research and promote the development of the Metaverse industry.

Xiamen Siming District is strengthening the layout of game operation enterprises, attracting the headquarters of well-known game operation enterprises to land in Siming District, encouraging game manufacturers to actively deploy emerging game businesses, promoting the research and development of high-quality games, and supporting game manufacturers to operate around game agents and platforms. , peripheral products, derivative film and television, etc., and actively cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises to enrich the ecological chain of the game industry. Encourage animation and game companies to expand overseas markets and actively deploy in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.

In June 2022, the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the “Notice of the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance of the Office of the Fujian Provincial Digital Fujian Construction Leading Group on Organizing the Application for the 2022 Provincial Digital Economy Development Special Fund for the E-sports Industry Special Project”. Promote the construction of the National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone in Fujian Province, strive to develop the digital economy, and expand the e-sports industry in Fujian Province. This notification is aimed at four areas: e-sports game products, clubs, events, and venues. The maximum subsidy is 5 million and the minimum is 1 million.

This “Notice” supports enterprises in this province to develop mobile e-sports game products, and guides enterprises to integrate Fujian’s characteristic culture, characteristic scenes, historical figures, etc. into the development and creation of e-sports content.

Application conditions: The applicant company is registered in Fujian, has the relevant patent certificate or software copyright certificate or game version number of the e-sports game product, and the developed e-sports game product legally obtains domestic original copyright, and the e-sports game using the product is not less than 1000 games (including online and offline).

Support standard: For eligible e-sports game products, subsidies will be given at no more than 30% of the R&D investment of the product, with a maximum arrangement of no more than 5 million yuan. (Extended reading: The maximum subsidy is 5 million! Fujian has launched an e-sports support fund for games, events, venues, and clubs to declare)

Xiamen is the earliest city in the country to develop the animation industry. After more than ten years of development, Xiamen’s animation and game industry has formed a certain industrial foundation.

In the “Announcement on the Selection Results of the 2021 “Unicorn”, Future “Unicorn” and “Gazelle” Innovative Enterprises in the Digital Economy Field of Fujian Province” announced by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, many game companies in Xiamen were selected. Among them, 4399 were selected as unicorn enterprises, Celadon Digital and Touch Technology were selected as future unicorn enterprises, Chaoyou Network, Mengjia Network, Leiting Interactive, Youdong Network, Really Interesting, Modo Technology, Chaoyu Network , Might as well the game was selected as Gazelle Enterprise.

In August 2022, in the “2021-2022 Game Corporate Social Responsibility Report” released by People’s Daily Online, a group of Xiamen game companies from gigabit were selected as the relative performance of Chinese game corporate social responsibility in 2021-2022 according to the comprehensive evaluation of five-dimensional data. 20 outstanding companies. (Extended reading: “21-22 Game Corporate Social Responsibility Report”: 20 companies from Tencent, NetEase, and Mihayou performed outstandingly)

Under the support policies for the game industry, many game industries have gradually emerged in Xiamen, helping the development of the game industry. With Xiamen Games focusing on cultivating and attracting top game companies, abundant game talents, complete industrial chains and generous support policies, we will accelerate the prosperity and development of the game industry and jointly develop a new future for the game industry.

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