13+7! Zeng Fanbo performed brilliantly, stepping on the line made a mistake and missed the lore chance

  On October 27, Beijing time, in the eighth round of the CBA regular season, Beijing lost 95-97 to Shanxi. In this game, Beijing rookie Zeng Fanbo missed the lore chance at the last moment.

  In the whole game, Zeng Fanbo played 23 minutes and 32 seconds off the bench, made 3 of 8 shots, 2 of 5 three-pointers, 5 of 9 free throws, scored 13 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks, and the plus-minus value reached +8.

  Zeng Fanbo’s performance on the field in this game is very good, and both offense and defense have a positive impact on the game.

  The fly in the ointment was that in the last attack, Beijing was 2 points behind, and the Beijing coach designed a lore tactics for Zeng Fanbo.

  It’s a pity that Zeng Fanbo stepped on the line when receiving the ball from the sideline and missed the chance to kill.

  (Xu Chu)

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