10-year-old Tianxin takes the lead! C position wears a navel-baring outfit and dances like a big sister, and Li Xiaolu accompanies the dance as a foil

If you want to say that among the top items, the most popular item at the moment, it should be the navel dress. Since the navel dress has become popular, it is really a handmade one. Even little girls are fond of navel dresses. To add, maybe in terms of overall fashion sense, there is no such beauty as mature women, but the beauty presented is also very good.

Everyone is familiar with Xiao Tianxin. This second-generation star has really attracted everyone’s attention since she participated in variety shows. Now that so many years have passed, Tianxin has also grown up. Under the dress of her mother, there is a big one The feeling of the eighteen changes of a kind girl, every time she shows up, she highlights a stunning, very good-looking, kind of mother’s young and peak appearance.

Tips for dressing up: navel dress

Pros: Stylish and fit

As a must-have item for women at the moment, navel dressing is really popular with everyone. At the same time, because of the continuous improvement of the upper body rate, in order to meet the requirements of women and avoid bumping into shirts, navel dressing is also constantly being upgraded and improved. It can be said that the style is extremely rich, and it can fully meet the needs of women.

This dance practice, under the dress of her mother, Xiao Tianxin also rarely chose a navel top. The style is completely different from the traditional navel dress. Wearing it on this little girl, she is very girly. The style of the most important C position is very aura, and even her mother has become a foil for her backing dance. The supporting role is really promising in the future.

Dressing Tips: Large Lapel Design

Advantages: stylish and individual

We have all seen navel-cropping outfits, and the styles are sporty and sexy, so we never procrastinate in style design, but now many women wear navel-cropping outfits as a daily item. A more single-product style will look very cheap, so through the design of the neckline and the hem, the shape is more refined.

This navel-baring outfit of Tianxin can be used for hairstyles. The design of the large lapel and the stretchable design of the hem is still a big change from the traditional navel-baring outfit, but it is obvious that this style is more casual and natural for dancing, and the sense of fashion is also Pulled full, the style is varied and not single.

Wearing tips: straight-leg pants

Advantages: show long legs

The bottoms of the navel dress are quite rich, and the trousers and skirts can be well integrated. Even in the face of different bottoms, the effect and the scene are different, so take it privately. For example, women still like shorts and skirts to show their figure perfectly. Of course, they also choose trousers, which are short at the top and long at the bottom to show a good figure.

In the matching of bottoms, Tianxin did not choose shorts, but loose straight-leg pants. Although it looks a little unsightly, it is quite good to wear on this little girl. The top is short and the bottom is long, very feminine. group fan.

Dressing Tips: Sneakers

Advantages: Consistent style, avoid sense of incongruity

The style of cropped navel is still more or less mature and sexy, even if it is a suit, so when choosing shoes, you must be careful, and you can’t choose high-heeled shoes just because you belong to the sexy style. The style of the dress must be combined with itself, so that the sense of fashion will be multiplied with half the effort.

This bit of sweetness is still very good. She is wearing sneakers and dressed in a sports navel-baring dress. She is very eye-catching. When she appeared in the C position, her mother helped her dance with her. She was really aura, Xiao Xiao It is rare to have such charm at such an age.

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