10 times the spread! The lipsticks that surpass the big brands have been tested for you, and you can enter with confidence


 Flattering Goods Series 

Hey girls~

Today, I want to share with you Amway’s replacement choice for a wave of big-name lipstick out-of-stock kings, some of which are even 10 times different in price! Hurry up and watch the video below

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Replace the big name

Big name: MAC #314 mull it over / ¥190

Replacement: Flower Knows Circus Series #11 / ¥89

The texture of MAC is a matte lipstick, and the color is a little brown ; Hua knows that this is more like a lip balm, showing a brighter orange color .

When applied to the mouth, MAC will show a little lip lines , while Huazhi is a little more moisturizing .

The color difference is not big, the MAC is a bit richer, but in fact, I would love the flower more and know that this side is brighter and younger , and the mouth is fuller.

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retro red combination

Big Name: Armani Red Tube #206 / ¥300

Replacement: Colorkey #R608 / ¥39

Let’s take a look at the texture first. Armani is a lip glaze texture, and the color is a little redder; Colorkey is a lip balm , and the color is slightly brown.

The upper lip contrast is even more intense. Armani is a bit too rich , shiny but shows lip lines, if you don’t grow up to look like Sito, it may not be easy to hold; and Colorkey is obviously more suitable for our ordinary girls , the upper lip is more matte and high-end, and retro Cool again.

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Rotten Tomatoes

Big name: YSL black tube #416 / ¥360

Replacement: intoyou Refraction Series #R04 / ¥34

To be honest, if you compare the texture and makeup effect, YSL is more superior , it is easy to apply evenly, and the whole color will be more mellow; intoyou is more clear , it is not so easy to apply evenly, and the two are white. To the same extent.

But intoyou also has advantages. It will form a film on the upper lip after a period of time, and it will not fade very much when printed with a tissue, so its durability will be better .

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Milk tea color combination

Big name: Lancome Lacquer Lip Glaze #274 / ¥310

Replacement: Flower Loria #06 Milk fufu / ¥39

Both of them have a very broken milk tea color , but when I try the color on my hand, I feel that the texture of Lancome is thicker, and the Floral is more watery and thin.

The contrast behind the upper lip, Lancome’s side is a bit like the same color has become darker, while the flower Lolia side is the same color and become lighter.

If you need to improve your complexion, I suggest you buy a big brand Lancome ; if you just need a daily makeup that can be applied with a gentle glass lip makeup effect, you can start with Flower Lolia .

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rose color combination

Big Name: Givenchy Marble Lip Gloss #210 / ¥345

Replacement: Maybelline #005 / ¥119

Brush on the arm to test the color, you will find that the colors of the two seem to be irrelevant. But when applied to the mouth, they are very similar in texture, makeup, gloss and refractive index .

The only difference that is visible to the naked eye is that you have to look closely to see that Maybelline is more purple, and Givenchy is more red. In fact, if you look at social distance, you can’t see it at all.

In addition, the Givenchy marble lip gloss feels a little minty after the upper lip, and it is a little too fragrant. So if I had to choose, I would choose Maybelline.


Apply lip balm to lip gloss effect

Big Name: YSL Silver Tube #04 / ¥350

Replacement: Cline #101 / ¥30

Putting these two lipsticks together to test the color contrast, the color is indeed quite different. Moreover , the texture of YSL is really creamy, smooth and melting, and it should be able to cover the lip color very well; while the texture of Qianli on the skin is a bit clearer, and the paste is not so smooth.

The upper lip contrast is more obvious. YSL has done better in terms of gloss, fluidity, and the kind of makeup that is very pure; Qianli is more like a clear milk tea color , with a little moisturizing and luster, but not too exaggerated. .

But personally, I think Qianli is more everyday , and YSL silver tube will have more impact on the mirror. If you just apply it thinly every day, the two sides are almost the same.

In this way, the only difference between the two is 300 yuan and 30 yuan, ha~

Recently, I have found so many good replacements for everyone, at least they have saved more than 1,000 yuan, right? Then after I recorded a lot of replacement videos, I saw some comments saying “Hey~ I don’t believe in the replacement.”

I personally think that in the lipstick category, many big brands can achieve a very pleasant spread, but some shades are not as suitable for us as Asians , especially those that are white.

I have tried so many lipsticks myself, and I feel that domestic products are still worth trying. Do you agree?

see you next time

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