10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Hair Treatment

With the development of society, the pace of people’s work and life is also accelerating, causing many people to face various health problems. According to statistics, 75% of the adult population have sub-health problems, and the sub-health population All have head health problems. Chinese medicine believes that the head is the house of shrewdness, the place where the primordial spirit resides, and the meeting of all yang, and the essence and qi of the five viscera and six viscera are all injected into the head. The two important meridians of the human body, the Ren and Du meridians, the three yangs of the feet and the three yangs of the hands, all run along the head, and more than 40 important acupoints of the human body converge on the head. Once the meridians in the head are blocked, the circulation is blocked, and the Qi and blood are insufficient, the human brain will be prematurely aged, and there will be problems in the health of the body. The head is one of the most important organs in the body, a barometer of human health, and also the part that should be maintained the most but is most easily neglected. Now I will tell you ten reasons why you should do head treatment.

1. Fourteen important meridians in the human body converge on the head, which are directly related to the health of the head and the body. Head therapy can dredge the meridians and promote blood circulation and nourishment in the head;

2. Harmful free radicals and toxins are easy to accumulate in the head, causing various head problems, such as: insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, headache, head wind, memory loss, etc. Head therapy can effectively remove the toxins accumulated in the human body and restore the health of the head;

3. The pace of work and life of modern people is fast, the mental work is frequent, and the mental pressure they face is increasing, which leads to accelerated aging of the head, which is easy to make people physically and mentally tired. Head therapy can relieve mental stress, relax body and mind, and improve the anti-aging ability of the head;

4. In order to pursue fashion and beauty, a large number of hair dyeing and perming products are used in daily life, resulting in some chemical substances remaining on the scalp, which gradually affects the health of the head; head therapy can effectively remove harmful chemical residues and keep the scalp healthy and energetic ;

5. With the development of science and technology, the application of various electronic products has become very common, but the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation to the body cannot be ignored, especially the damage caused by the brain. Treatment can improve the vitality of scalp cells and enhance the anti-aging ability of the scalp;

6. The frequent occurrence of body obesity and various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is also a warning that we must pay attention to the maintenance of head health. Frequent head therapy can prevent various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

7. The ecological environment of the scalp is more and more vulnerable to damage, resulting in the common occurrence of various hair and scalp problems, such as: itchy scalp, dandruff, increased hair oil, hair loss, gray hair, etc. Rejuvenation, these problems are closely related to head health, head treatment can help improve various scalp problems, and can play a role in preventing hair loss and gray hair;

8. The health of the head has an important relationship with the internal organs of the human body. The maintenance of the head is no longer a simple maintenance of the skin of the head, but more importantly related to the health conditioning of the internal organs, which is helpful for the improvement of body functions;

9. Head therapy is to adjust the microcirculation system through detoxification, anti-aging, and physiotherapy for head health care, improve immunity, improve sub-health, while maintaining healthy and beautiful hair and enhancing personal image.

10. Frequent head therapy can dredge the meridians, relieve nerve shampoo disorder, promote blood circulation and nourishment of the head, effectively solve migraine, neuropathic headache, cervical pain, especially for people with poor sleep or poor sleep quality;