1 out of 7! 0 for 4 of 3 points! Hu Mingxuan’s feel once again lost a new season low

  On October 28, Beijing time, in the eighth round of the CBA regular season, Guangdong defeated Xinjiang 100-81. In this game, Guangdong defender Hu Mingxuan had a bad feeling and only scored 4 points.

  In the whole game, Hu Mingxuan started the game in 27 minutes and 21 seconds, made 1 of 7 shots, 0 of 4 of 3-pointers, and scored 4 points, 2 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals.

  After Zhao Rui was injured and left the field, Guangdong was in desperate need of outside firepower, but Hu Mingxuan, who had managed to find his touch in the last game, was lost again, and his hit rate hit a season low.

  Although Hu Mingxuan has helped the team a lot in other aspects, the poor feel still buried a lot of hidden dangers.

  (Xu Chu)

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